Ben & Jerry’s Anti-Israel Woke War Results In Massive Market Cap Hit

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Over the weekend, author Daniel Friedman began looking at the financial numbers and the anti-Israel stance taken by the wokest of woke social justice heroes at Ben & Jerry’s who announced July 19 that the company’s ice cream would stop being sold inside what they have determined to be the “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

What Friedman found was yet another ‘Get Woke, Go Broke’ decision made by corporate boards who are allowing brands to run wild with social justice campaigns that continue to escalate to new levels as the battle for being the wokest continues to rage on.

The company’s decision to stop selling ice cream in those territories that include Jewish settlements is the latest woke moment for a hippie ice cream company that was built on left-wing activism. Ben and Jerry’s has supported Bernie Sanders, they’ve been active in Save The Climate campaigns, celebrated same-sex marriage court victories, fought against Donald Trump with a “Pecan Resist” ice cream, and the ice cream company is a big supporter of Cuba-loving Black Lives Matter.

While those woke campaigns look great when pumped out by the blue checkmark brigade, pushing the Ben & Jerry’s political agenda into Israel has had real financial ramifications.

The anti-Israel decision made July 19, Friedman notes, resulted in an independent board of Ben & Jerry’s knocking $6.4 billion off the market cap of Unilever, the parent company of the ice cream maker. “It is clearly time for Unilever to get rid of Ben and Jerry’s independent board and put an end to the company’s divisive ‘social mission,’ which just cost 20 times the enterprise value of the business,” Friedman wrote on Twitter.

“People buy Ben & Jerry’s because they like the ice cream, not the politics, which are a liability,” he added.

It’s not just in Israel where Ben & Jerry’s is running into serious consequences for its ice cream decision. States are now starting to get involved in this showdown. Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement last week stating that the company should reverse its decision. According to CNBC, “Abbott signed a bill into law four years ago that would force Texas pension funds to divest from any company boycotting Israel.”

Now Texas is talking about possibly ending its investments in Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever. Texas isn’t alone in this pension situation with Unilever. New York and Florida are also looking into what the company’s decision means for investments. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has placed Unilver on a “scrutinized” list of companies and could ultimately result in the state refraining from “acquiring any and all Unilever assets,” DeSantis said last week.

As for Ben & Jerry’s board chair Anuradha Mittal, she’s not backing down from any of this, even with the losses mounting and pension boards threats.

“I am proud of @benandjerrys for taking a stance to end sale of its ice cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” she tweeted Tuesday. “This action is not anti-Semitic. I am not anti-Semitic. The vile hate that has been thrown at me does it intimidate me. Pls work for peace – not hatred!”

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. I’ve found that the overwhelming number of people who support Palestine over Israel have no idea how those territories came to be occupied by Israel to begin with. Once they learn how that came to be, their entire thesis of Israel being the big bully aggressor evaporates.

    Strange how facts and learning actual history, instead of the tripe fed to them by progressive outlets has that effect.

      • You can go back to Roman times and see when the original Jewish diaspora took place. Jews did have relative safety in the Ottoman Empire. But it wasn’t until Israel was created that there was an active repopulation of the region by Jews. Not denying that the creation of Israel has upset other nations in the region. But they poked the bear years ago and lost spectacularly in the 6 Day War and associated conflicts, leading to their loss of land. Not the other way around. Their claims are akin to Germany claiming Poland owes them land that they lost after losing WW2.

    • Judea and Samaria (known in the mainstream as the “West Bank”), was held by Jordan up unitl the Six Day War of 1967, as was the Sinai Peninsula which Israel ceded back to Egypt after the Kissinger brokered accords of the 70’s.

      Israel was attacked from Jordanian lands and the formerly Syrian Golan Heights, as well as from the Sinai. All that land was won as the spoils of war, Jerusalem’s Old City was liberated and is now free for all people. The Arab states meanwhile, have used the Palestinians as political pawns to turn around their treachery on to Israel, and to detract from how thoroughly they were defeated in 1967, but much more narrowly in 1973’s Yom Kippur War of Attrition. Bottom line? Play with the bull, get the horns. I hope Israel never gives up one acre of land to appease the monsters ever again.

  2. I’m sorry but Joe Kinsey has no idea what the hell he is talking about. The dispute isn’t over being WOKE. It’s about not selling ice cream in settlements that are still in dispute and people are being evicted out of their homes without cause. Why would you try and spread that BS? So let me get this straight. The conservative Very Fine People way of doing things is say “F those people, money is more important than morality or the fact people are getting kicked out of their homes”? Why didn’t you mention the reason BIbi Netanyahu is nolonger in office because he took a SEVERE TURN TO THE RIGHT the last 4 years like Trump and the people rejected his facist Consrrvative ways. Imagine that? It wouldn’t be the first time conservatives have found a way to defend the indefensible. Barry Goldwater lives through MAGA …You guys have come a long way since Tiki Torch Marches in Charlottesville. Now all of the sudden the RIGHT and Very Fine People love Israel? GTFOH…sincerely Goerge Soros

  3. Are you serious? You MF can’t be that stupid? Seriously…you guys have no idea what you are taking about. Nowonder Trump was able to create MAGA. Joe is playing you guys as fools. Pandering and gaslighting the AWM of Outkick is shameful but typically of the ALT RIGHT…Unfortunately when it comes to sports. You are going to be mad the rest of your life unless MAGA takes over the sports world?… Like I said…The rest of your life #ReplacementNaturally

  4. Jews have been persecuted for literally thousands of years as interlopers with no national loyalty. Now they finally have a nation to call their own since WW2, it only took 6 million exterminated to get that what a small price to pay. /s Give them a break, they are not aggressors.

  5. Stop lobbing rockets at them 24/7 and they’ll stop defending themselves. Hamas uses kids as human shields. They put their rockets and weapons in schools. Some really barbaric dudes. They constantly say they won’t stop until Israel is wiped off the map. So do Hezbollah is Lebanon. Israel has every right to defend itself. It also has the right to settle in areas where those attacks come from so they can stop future attacks. Israel is in self preservation mode on a daily basis. As far as I’m concerned they can do whatever needs to be done do achieve that. They are not the aggressors.Palestinian people, stop letting terrorists control your territory. Try peace for a while, your quality of life would improve over night.

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