Comedian Whitney Cummings Backs Rogan, Blasts ‘Mainstream Media’

Comedian Whitney Cummings traded jokes for real talk Sunday when she backed comedian/podcaster Joe Rogan and jabbed those still buying what the mainstream media's been selling.

Cummings, 39, sided with Rogan in his ongoing fight against cancel culture, tweeting: "Don't look to why so many people trust Joe Rogan, look to why so few people trust the mainstream media."

Louder for the people in the back!

Cummings' support for Rogan came just days after Hollywood softie, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, backtracked his previous endorsement of the podcaster. OutKick's Alejandro Avila detailed Johnson's flip flop on Sunday.

After pledging her support to fellow comedian Rogan, Cummings channeled her inner Charles Barkley and blasted those who treat comedians like role models.

"Comedians did not sign up to be your hero," tweeted Cummings. "It's our job to be irreverent, and dangerous, to question authority and take you through a spooky mental haunted house so you can arrive at your own conclusions."

Wait, so comedians don't have to be political? And their opinions don't have to mirror those of the audience? Holy shit! Someone get Stephen Colbert on the phone!

Though her stance was already clear, concise and lathered in common sense, Cummings finished her tweet by issuing a piece of advice: "Stay focused on the people we pay taxes to to be moral leaders."

There's nothing funny about that -- it's free advice worth taking.

As for those of you still buying what the mainstream media's selling, joke's on you!


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