Column: Aaron Rodgers, Joe Rogan Counter Censorship In War Of Covid Messaging

Censors, on behalf of the government, worked meticulously to bury the very truths Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers exhibited in a viral podcast episode over the weekend.

Common sense lost the war of messaging during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Left's stranglehold on institutions of communication, the corporate media and social media, allowed Democratic politicians to turn their desired perception of the virus and subsequent response into the consensus -- from the origin to lockdowns, to the masks to vaccines.

Messaging becomes perception and perception becomes reality. And the messaging was that if you don't hunker down, double-mask, and booster up, you will die and kill your sweet elderly neighbor.

Admit it; you believed it at first.

Facebook and Twitter dutifully assisted by barring voices of opposition. Big Tech disallowed critics of mask mandates and mRNA vaccines to publish contradictory messaging. Tech companies buried those who promoted research that ran afoul of the prevailing narrative. Just now, two years later, can a YouTube user cite studies that prove masks were ineffective against the spread.

Leaked documents show that Twitter governed at the behest of the White House. The government cannot suppress critics amid protection from the First Amendment. But its media and tech lackeys can bury and harass said critics. So they did.

Through censorship and fear of retaliation, skeptics of Covid response have had megaphones of insufficient reach. Warning labels bombard social media posts critical of vaccine effectiveness to this day.

Those who made it past the guards are still severely outnumbered by Big Tech and the corporate press. Often, only one side of the argument had access to the proverbial megaphone, no matter the data.

But in three hours, in a smoky, condensed Texas mancave, Rodgers and Rogan promulgated the precise truths the government and its allies worked so diligently to quash.

Rodgers and Rogan pulled back the curtain on Covid falsehoods in the largest arena yet, a podcast episode that likely doubled the viewership of the usual 11 million users.

They put a mirror to the face of the officials who promoted a vaccine that prevented the contraction of the virus, including President Joe Biden:

If you don't speak gibberish, that's Biden saying, "You're not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations."

Later, Rodgers revealed how the continuous defense of unjust vaccine mandates sparked draconian measures in the workplace:

Said Rodgers, "Day three of training camp, they sent this stooge in, and he showed these slides about what your vaccination percentage was on your team. Where are you, compared to the rest of the league? And I started asking him questions about liability. 'Oh, I'm not a lawyer.' Okay, cool. But you're in here talking about all these different things, and you don't talk about anybody's personal health issues. There's zero exemptions, you took out religious exemptions, you took out PEG exemptions, you took out anybody's ability to have an opinion of 'I don't want to do this.'"

The NFL sent a stooge to the Packers' camp to convince players that the vaccine prevents infection on July 31, 2021 -- a week after Dr. Deborah Birx admitted that Covid shots did not prevent infection and months after several reported breakthrough cases.

Obviously, we weren't supposed to let facts get in the way of the jab.

Sunday, an angry writer for NBCSports dot com accused Rodgers of "dredging up a dead issue" during his sitdown with Rogan. It's quite the opposite.

Rodgers stirred a conversation that had yet to take place in a public setting. Workers across the country were understandably afraid to tell the tale of how their employers forced them to get the vaccine. And many still are on account of a paycheck. But following the conversation, there was an influx of users who said their employer, too, used tactics boarding on coercion to increase vaccination rates.

Rodgers opened the door for normal, working people to tell their stories.

Hot-shot journalists belittle the episode down to a conversation between two white dudes who dropped out of college. No surprise. Rodgers and Rogan made no group look worse than the press, which offered themselves up for service to their masters during the pandemic.

The two "uneducated" bros, not Yale-educated New York Times writers, brought awareness to the compromised relationship between television networks and Big Pharma.

The corporate media failed to inform readers that Big Pharma helps bankroll the news agencies that encouraged the shot without question. Rogan, not Maggie Haberman, cited a study that found that Big Pharma is a leading source for news advertising revenue.

Pharmaceutical ads help pay the salary of the ABC anchor who spoke the words "Winter of Death" in a melodramatic tone. The media is brought to you by Pfizer.

In a way, Rodgers and Rogan are the greatest threat to the defense of Covid response, to the hopes to dupe the public anew. They are not crazy right-wingers who reach only a fringe. Rogan and Rodgers both called Barack Obama their favorite president during the episode.

Unlike Republican politicians and conservative media pundits, Rogan and Rodgers' followings are not merely political. They speak not to an echo chamber but to individuals across comedy, entertainment, sports, and of all political beliefs. Their audiences don't inherently share a similar worldview.

More people will consume this podcast episode, either in its entirety or thought virality, than any program on CNN or MSNBC that defends the government from these two naughty pests.

Rogan and Rodgers are in a rare class of stardom not reliant on Twitter or media favoritism. Rogan hosts the most popular podcast in the country. Rodgers is the best player on the biggest TV show in the country, the NFL.

The media personality and QB under the largest microscope turned the focus toward the mishaps the government has tried to bury, the facts the censors have suppressed.

They cannot be censored. They are among the Uncancelables.

If you hadn't seen the data, mask mandates proved moot, the vaccine is more of a therapeutic than a vaccine, lockdowns damaged society, and our leaders openly lied to us.

In three highly-consumed hours, Rogan and Rodgers provided a great inconvenience to the two-year quest to normalize government overreach. They teed off on the lies the CDC and media spread. They told the truths about Covid that social media has throttled. The episode publicized the charade of Big Pharma.

Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers interfered in the war of messaging, the origin of widespread and ongoing Covid hysteria.

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Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics.. Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.