Clay Travis: 'The Left Is Coming For The NFL'

As is typical with the Left, you never let a tragedy go to waste.

Following Damar Hamlin's on-field incident on Monday, prominent left-wing pundits are already capitalizing on their disdain for tackle football by calling the NFL a "modern-day gladiator spectacle."

Shows like The View and publications like The Washington Post have called it a violent, unnecessary sport that's only championed by heterosexual, conservative men to try to lessen support for the NFL, and all things inherently masculine.

Football Is Next On The Cancelation List

Discussing the Left's attacks on the NFL on the back of the Hamlin tragedy, Clay Travis joined Harris Faulkner to examine how their stance has been long in the works, stemming from their support for Colin Kaepernick when he tried to tear down the League as a racist institution.

"Sadly, it's very predictable," Clay told Harris. "This is what was inevitable, right? Football is hypermasculine. It's violent. It's a meritocracy. And it is played almost exclusively by men. And so the left wing, of course, is going to hate it."


On The View's segment, panelist Joy Behar characterized tackle football as only being enjoyed by "heterosexual," "conservative" men.

"Forty-five percent of Americans think that tackle football is appropriate," Behar stated, with no real clue on where she got the poll. "Heterosexual men voted the most support for kids doing football. And conservatives were more likely to support youth tackle football. Just saying."

Clay touched on Behar and other media outlets' inane reasoning to try canceling the NFL.

"But it's not a coincidence that The View has this discussion. MSNBC has this discussion. The Washington Post had an article saying that football was too violent. This is crazy," Clay said.

We Saw This Coming From the Left...

Clay then discussed how the Left used Kaepernick to try to build opposition against football.

"Look, the Left embraced Colin Kaepernick, not because of his stance ... Kaepernick went on and directly compared the NFL Draft in a Netflix documentary to a slave auction because they take your height and weight and measure your talents.

"But you choose to play in the NFL, and no one is required to put their body at risk, just like you aren't required to box or be involved in a UFC fight or frankly compete in any physical endeavor that requires the danger that might arise when bodies come into collision."

He then delved into how these athletes undertake the physical challenges at hand to have a shot at making legitimate money — not just become part of an oppressive, violent, racist institution, contrary to the Left's messaging.

"Look, these guys are highly paid. They understand better than anyone what the risk that they are assuming. And they are doing it very often for a chance at generational wealth and certainly to be compensated in their 20s at a level that almost no one in the world has ever been compensated for any labor before in the past, ever.

"And so I'm saddened by the attacks on football, but I totally expected that this is where this story would go."

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