Charles Barkley's Ready To Kick Ben Simmons' A--

The Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons have been at it since the team was eliminated in the semifinals last year by the Atlanta Hawks, and it doesn't seem to be settling down just yet.

Just a few weeks ago, Simmons was kicked out of practice by head coach Doc Rivers for being disengaged during team drills. He was later suspended for the season opener.

After missing opening night, Simmons then said he was dealing with back tightness but OutKick previously reports the star guard was just not mentally ready for the team.

On Inside the NBA, 76ers legend Charles Barkley held nothing back when speaking his mind about the Simmons situation:

"This dude has done everything he can not to be re-recruited," Barkley said. "They started the season begging him to come back so they have massaged him. They wanted to go see him. He said, ‘Don’t come see me.' He came and then he acted like a jerk in practice. They wanted him back. Then, because he wanted to get paid, he came back, and he started acting like a jerk and they kicked him out. They gave him another chance. They said, ‘OK, you said you’ve got some issues.’ He said, ‘I don’t wanna see your guys.’ They start fining him, now he’s back. They’ve bent over backwards to kiss this dude’s ass. Now it’s time they start kicking his ass."

Simmons’ antics have caused quite a stir, even amongst former players, with Hall of Famer Paul Pierce saying it takes a certain kind of person to get kicked out of a Doc Rivers practice.

But Joel Embiid was supportive of Simmons after Philadelphia’s 114-109 loss to the Nets in October when Simmons told the team he isn't mentally prepared to play.

While the situation continues, Philadelphia will have to work out how to get the best trade value for Simmons or work with him to get him toward playing with the team again.

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