CDC May 'Absolutely' Extend Travel Mask Mandate Again

Last month, the Biden administration extended the TSA mask mandate, continuing to force travelers on airplanes, trains and transit hubs to mask up.

Why the extension? We can't say for certain because no one has ever provided a good reason for it. They just extended it and told us to shut up. But whatever the reason, the administration wants masking to continue indefinitely. 

Monday, White House COVID-19 response coordinator Ashish Jha told Today that the CDC may "absolutely" extend the travel mask mandate before it expires on April 18.

Jha says that the CDC is developing a "scientific framework" to guide its decision-making and that Dr. Rochelle Walensky will make the final call. Oh, great.

"We're going to see that framework come out, I think, in the next few days and based on that, we're going to want to be guided by this decision," Jha said. "Throughout the entire pandemic, we've wanted to make decisions based the evidence and science, and that is what I expect we'll do again this week."

Evidence and science, huh? What a lie.

The mask mandate for travelers is one of the dumbest rules still in effect. It means people can sit maskless at crowded bars, restaurants, and events but must put on their mask the moment they enter an airport or Uber. 

The mandate doesn't make any sense. It hasn't made sense for months. Nevertheless, the mandate may stay in effect for at least another month. 

These government agencies cannot let go of COVID and the power it granted them.


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