California University Tells Non-White Students To Report Professors Who Call On White Students More

A California university urges non-white students to take action to prevent their "race-related stress" by reporting professors who make them feel like victims of "race-related stress."

California State University Monterey Bay advises minority students to report teachers for not calling on them in the classroom as much as white students.

The hell with calling on the first student to raise their hand.

The website for the college explains the following under the webpage titled "Coping with Racism and Discrimination."

"Document acts of racism or intolerance. Don't ignore or minimize your experiences, and think broadly about what could be an act of racism. It doesn't have to be an overt act (e.g., professor consistently not calling on you or minimizing your contributions, curriculum racially biased, etc). Talk to someone you trust, and report it."

What is "race-related stress" you might ask?

First, if you are white, it doesn't apply to you.

According to the California State University Monterey, non-whites suffer from psychological distress on account of white privilege.

White privilege is not experiencing "race-related stress," it appears. At least according to a university in California.

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"It is important to understand that you can experience race-related stress even if you were mistaken that a racist act occurred. Race-related stress reactions only require that a person believes that they were the target of racism," the site reads.

Thereby the school asks students to go beyond merely reporting professors for making them feel racially distressed. Additionally, the university recommends students build a support network to combat any trauma from a white student answering more questions in the classroom.

A section on the site also calls for non-white students to report teachers for minimizing any contributions they want to make to racially-biased curricula.

"Call people out when you witness acts of injustice and intolerance," the college advises.

Never before have students been able to take control of the classroom to this degree. But victimhood leads to a shift of power.

And at the California State University Monterey Bay, the school has classified each student as either a victim or an oppressor based on the skin color with which they were born.

Some white professors are about to get fired for calling on the first student who raises their hand, aren't they?

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