BYU-Duke Volleyball Racism Allegations Fall Apart, But Don't Expect Apologies From Mike Freeman Or Rest Of Woke Media Mob

It's officially happened; a BYU investigation has confirmed that there's no evidence fans hurled racial slurs at Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson.

This was an extremely predictable result for anyone who's read OutKick over the past few weeks or thought about the allegations for more than a few minutes.


Not much about the incident made sense from the beginning. If someone was shouting racial slurs at a young female volleyball player, no matter where the game was held, fans nearby would have immediately recorded it or complained to university personnel.

Richardson's godmother Lesa Pamplin, who herself has a public history of racist remarks, is running for political office and could easily benefit from the publicity of a family member being verbally harassed.

Players on the court, police that were stationed around the arena, other fans...someone would have come forward corroborating Richardson's account.

Except, no one did.

That should have immediately raised red flags. It would have been wise and necessary for the sports and national media to wait for all of the facts to emerge before racing to condemn the school and conclude that it was yet another example of America being a racist country.

But of course, that's the exact opposite of what most in liberal media outlets and the woke outrage industrial complex did.

Woke Outrage Mob Rushed To Judgment In BYU-Duke Story

Instead, they ran wild. LeBron James predictably jumped in with his usual rush to judgment:

The literal Governor of Utah tweeted out that he was "disgusted" by the behavior and "deeply saddened" that others didn't stop it. He closed with a pointed directive that "racist a**holes like this" should "never feel comfortable attacking others:"

If you're wondering why this is an image and not a direct link to his tweet, it's because Cox has now deleted it.

Jemele Hill chimed in, naturally:

Many other college teams jumped in to support Richardson as well, wearing T-shirts expressing solidarity over something that seemingly never happened:

South Carolina women's basketball signaled their virtue by cancelling a scheduled series with BYU.

The university even banned a fan who had done nothing wrong, simply to appease the woke mob. On Friday, BYU lifted that ban.

The Worst Offender Is Mike Freeman

But the worst offender has to be USA Today opinion writer Mike Freeman.

Freeman claimed, just the other day, that any doubts around Richardson's story were a "right-wing conspiracy theory," calling Clay Travis an "extremist" in the process.

He compared questioning the allegations to "5G" or "JFK" conspiracies, with his best defense being that it's too difficult for him to believe that she lied. Freeman also said it somehow wasn't important that no one heard racial slurs or came forward to confirm Richardson's and Duke's accusations.

Freeman accused Republicans of being gullible and believing demonstrably untrue stories from others, while falling for a completely untrue story himself.

He wanted it to be true, so badly. He was overjoyed to have an incident of racism to point to as another example of bad white Republicans. So Freeman was willing to suspend disbelief and accuse others of what he was guilty of himself.

Importantly, Freeman said if he was proven wrong, he would be "be first in line to say so," and would write it as such.

Now that he has been proven wrong, it's reasonable to wonder if he's lived up to his word.

You'll be shocked to learn that he hasn't.

His most direct comment to this point is casting doubt on the results of the investigation because BYU conducted it:

You know who else doesn't believe the results of investigations? Conspiracy theorists.

But Freeman lacks the self-awareness and intellectual honesty to admit that he himself is guilty of believing something because he wanted it to be true.

So What Will They Do Now?

So what will Freeman do now? What will LeBron James and Jemele Hill and the Governor of Utah and all of the other college programs who rushed to judgment do now?

Nothing, probably.

They won't apologize, they won't admit they were wrong. And they won't learn any lessons from their behavior in this BYU-Duke saga.

They'll do it all over again the next time something like this happens.

OutKick founder Clay Travis likely will be waiting an eternity to get his much deserved apology:

Changing their attitudes and assumptions would require rethinking their entire worldview that Americans, especially white Americans, are racist.

They can't and won't accept anything that challenges that bias. They'll quietly move on, ignore the news, and the cycle will continue.

There's immense profit and woke credits to be earned in being the first among the outrage circle to condemn others. The Freemans of the world can never give this up.

You'd think that being wrong again and again and again would get tiresome. For them, it's just part of the game.

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