Bomani Jones Says 'White People' Are The Problem With The NFL

If you listen to Bomani Jones, the NFL has a problem. A serious problem.

And that problem is "white people." Jones, the guy who still works at You Know Where (ESPN), appeared on Dan Le Batard's show Wednesday and did what he does best -- cried racism as only a racist can.

"I just don't know why people try to make this far more complex than it is," Jones told Le Batard. "What's the problem? White people."

He made these jaw-dropping, racist comments after Le Batard asked Jones about Brian Flores' lawsuit, which alleges racism in NFL hiring practices.

Remarkably, Jones didn't just mention "white people" in a Freudian slip. He held the nail in, hammered away, and grabbed a few more from his back pocket in order to finish the job.

"Who are the ones that are making these decisions? White people. Who are the ones that won't change their decision making? White people. Who are the ones that only do anything in a different way when it comes these matters at the threat of litigation? White people," said Jones.

"Y'all the ones that know these white people," added Jones. "Y'all the ones that be hanging out with these white people. Y'all the ones that know the ones thatpretend to be such good people and then make all the same decisions as everybody else."

Sad as it may seem, this has become the norm. As OutKick founder Clay Travis suggests: "This kind of casual racism is totally accepted in sports media. If any other race is mentioned in the same manner, however, it's career ending."

Would a white person be allowed to suggest "black people" are the problem? I think we all know the answer. And why exactly is a race to blame, rather than individuals? Jones didn't say. But then racists never do. And Le Batard doesn't seem to press the issue.

There's little gray area where it comes to racism. As Jones shows, it's very black and white.


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