Biden's White House Remains A Joke, Addresses Braves 'Controversial' Name During World Series Visit

The Atlanta Braves visited the White House on Monday to celebrate their 2021 World Series win. The celebration - which included President Joe Biden asking to take pictures with "everyone under 15" - didn't last long thanks to a loser reporter asking about the Braves' "controversial" team name.

During Press Secratary Karine Jean-Pierre's press briefing on Monday, a reporter asked her about Atlanta's "controversial" name and tomahawk chop chant.

The fact that a reporter asked this moronic question and Jean-Pierre's downright stupid response aren't the least bit surprising. The reporter literally asked Jean-Pierre if she or the White House "had any thoughts" about the team's name. It wasn't even a direct question, just a blanket statement to check the woke questionnaire.

This would be a different story if there was an outcry from Native Americans for the Braves to change their name. There is no outcry despite what the mostly white, non-Native Americans media core wants you to believe.

We live in the year 2022 and everyone that came before the year 2022 must be changed or canceled if one single person deems it fit.


This is the type of stuff that the Biden administration is focused on, this is what they deem as important. The evidence to support that theory is Jean-Pierre literally having notes about this topic in her handy-dandy notebook.

The White House thinks that this is such an important topic that it took the time to write notes about it and then Jean-Pierre read them almost verbatim to please the woke reporter's question everyone knew was coming.

This is not normal, it's ridiculous.

The White House is filled with nothing but empty suits and dresses that spew talking points that the vast majority of the country either finds stupid or does not agree with. In this particular case, it's both.


We can't point all the blame on the White House though. The media asking these types of questions as if it's something serious deserves to be called out as well.

Let's all collectively cross our fingers that inflation cools off and our grocery bills go down. The White House has its hands full with baseball team names and making sure pronouns are accounted for.

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