Barkley-Curry Feud Continues; Barkley Calls Curry ‘Flash In The Pan’, Curry Responds

One of the best subplots (the best, really) of the American Century Classic has been the feud between Charles Barkley and Steph Curry.

We reported here at Outkick on Thursday that bettors were backing Barkley to finish in the Top 70 of the tournament to which Steph said, “No … Hell no.”

Barkley, after being shown video of the recent NBA Champion’s comments, retorted, “First of all, he’s a flash-in-the-pan. I never thought he was going to amount to anything and, so far, I’m correct. He’s the third-best shooter in this tournament, so he doesn’t have any room to talk.”

Barkley was referring to the other two Curry’s competing this weekend – Steph’s father Dell and brother Seth – when he talked about the best shooters.

Curry responded, of course: “That’s not the first time he’s been wrong and it ain’t gonna be the last.” At that point, Justin Timberlake – who was in Curry’s threesome on Saturday along with Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers – chimed in to say, “That championship trophy looks real flashy don’t in?”

Curry followed with, “It’s a little shiny, like a diamond-plated pan. It’s a nice pan.”


Barkley is considered one of the best NBA players of all-time who never won an NBA Championship. Because of that, Curry has the ultimate trump card over “The Round Mound of Rebound.”

Steph and the Warriors are coming off of their fourth Finals victory in eight years. Curry captured the Finals MVP this season for the first time.

Curry is also smoking Charles on the course, and even made an incredible eagle on Friday. And, he almost did it again on Saturday:

But Sir Charles' goal was always to beat last year (he finished 76th) and finish in the Top 70. At one point, he was in 59th place following a birdie on the par-5 16th hole --his seventh hole of the round -- but a poor back-nine has put that him in jeopardy of missing the mark.

Heading into Sunday's final round, Barkley is in a tie for 72nd. The leader is three-time champion Mark Mulder.

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