Andrew Cuomo Launches TV Ad Amid Comeback

Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo released a 30-second television ad on Monday in an effort to clear his name.

The ad, entitled Politics vs. The Law, is aimed at Attorney General Letitia James, whose investigation concluded that Cuomo harassed or mistreated 11 women.

How does it look?

“Political attacks won. And New Yorkers lost a proven leader,” the narrator says.

The spot highlights that five district attorneys recently decided not to bring criminal sexual harassment charges against Cuomo.

Cuomo has mostly been quiet since he resigned last August. Though that is about to change quickly. The New York Postreported last week that Cuomo will begin to attempt a political comeback. Cuomo’s campaign says he has purchased several more television spaces to air ads in the coming weeks and months.

Cuomo is already in discussions with aides to strategize for his first public appearance since his resignation.

OutKick wrote about Cuomo making a comeback this past summer. Here were Clay Travis' thoughts at the time:

“He’s gonna resign. He’s done it in time to potentially put himself into the Democratic primary. He used this opportunity… Just think about it. Just think about it. He used this opportunity to make the case that he did nothing wrong but that he was stepping down because of the mess that would be caused if he were going to be impeached. He now can step away and say, ‘I did nothing wrong,’ and, in theory, if he sits out for a couple of months, he could come back and try to get reelected, then he’s wiping all the problems clean, and he is the governor again in 2022.”

Whether Cuomo returns to politics or simply reinserts himself in the public light, he will not have the support of the press for the first time in his life. Since his resignation, his closest ally in the media, CNN, has crumbled. Both primetime host Chris Cuomo and former network president have resigned, in part, for their inappropriate efforts to assist Andrew Cuomo.

The press and public will not welcome Cuomo back warmly. So he ought to stick to short television ads for now.

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