Aaron Rodgers and Bill Maher: Every Conspiracy During Covid-19 Proved Accurate

Aaron Rodgers and Bill Maher discussed on a podcast Monday how nearly every conspiracy theory during the Covid-19 pandemic eventually proved accurate.“This is all just, this is ideology, this is not medicine, this is indoctrination, and to me, the frightening thing was never the disease itself," Maher said."The frightening thing was how much you could get people, so quickly, to change their way of life. Stay home, wear a mask, you know."

Later in the episode, Maher warned of how government officials kept citizens scared under their beds through fear tactics and blatant lies.“We spent more to keep people hiding under the bed than we did for World War II,” Maher adds. “Talk about a country that’s gone a little soft.”So well said.Rodgers agreed, saying "Just about, well, every conspiracy theory came true.""Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports and it turned into, like, a way from doing your job to stop the spread to, like, lockdowns.”Rodgers is speaking facts. The very notions the media deemed conspiratorial during Covid-19 have been proven correct.Masks didn't stop the spread. The vaccines didn't prevent the virus. Mass formation psychosis is real, and the government utilized fear to gain power. Finally, it's more likely than not that the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan.And therein lies why the press, from ESPN to Shannon Sharpe to the weird guys at the newspaper outlets, hate Aaron Rodgers so much. He's an athlete who does not subscribe to a one-size fits all opinion.Rodgers is not the right-wing conspiracy theorist, USA Today warns. He's not even a Republican. He recently declared Barack Obama his favorite president. However, Rodgers thinks independently and counters the groupthink other athletes spread. He's a threat. The media demands professional athletes either stay silent or campaign for every latest social justice trend. Networks expect a player only to speak out if they sound like LeBron James or some rando in the WNBA. Rodgers does not. Over the past three weeks, he sat down with Bill Maher and Joe Rogan for a combined four hours to speak openly about government overreach, media lies, and the failures of Joe Biden.Those labeled reckless and conspiratorial often proved more reliable than the experts on the topic of Covid, including a star quarterback and two comedians with podcasts.

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