Americans Rank Alabama The Worst State In The Country

A poll was run by the Huffington Post to rank all 50 states, and somehow, Alabama ranked dead last. I guess it makes sense since only weirdos answer polls.

California still came in at 12, even with all the feces and homeless people that pollute the streets. Taxes couldn’t have helped either, right? And Hawaii has to be this high on the list because everyone’s taking a completely unjustified honeymoon vacation there. When you only travel to a state to spend money you don’t have –you’re gonna have a sweet time.

But if I’m being perfectly honest, New Mexico should be dead last on this list. From the knockoff Mexican food to having absolutely nothing to do except shoots guns in the desert — New Mexico is a waste of land.

Also worth mentioning that states like Oklahoma were rightfully punished for natural disasters. Well-mannered civilians and the best chicken-fried steak you’ve ever had can’t make up for a life-changing tornado. Some things people can’t fix (and no, that’s not a challenge, Bill Gates.)

So, what do YOU think?

Which state is too high or low on this list? I have a feeling this is about to get interesting.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. HuffPost is a trash.

    Based on geography, Cali has beaches, mountains, deserts, redwood forests, and a lot of cool Nat’l parks. Other than that it’s pretty much a cesspool.

    But you’re not wrong about NM. Worked on a job in Carlsbad for 2 months and not much to do but shoot guns in the desert and meth.

  2. I disagree with NM. Though it doesn’t need to top any list, it does well to serve interest way outside that of many other locations. I might have shared the same impression until I visited and understood the culture a bit more. They have excellent food and some very relaxing areas throughout the state. They have varied historical values. So instead of dead last, as you say, I am happy to elevate them about 5 notches from dead last with Alabama not far behind.

    My dead last: Nebraska. With Nebraska, one doesn’t even have to say why.

    • Yeah, NM kinda flies under the radar. Poor state w/ lots of empty desert throughout, but also a lot of cool gems that the average tourist would never see. Carlsbad Caverns are sick. And nothing wrong with shooting old refrigerators in the desert.

    • “HuffPost” is all you need to hear. Wouldn’t waste my time looking behind the curtain to see how, when, where, who. They start with the conclusions and work assbackwards.

  3. Bama was right smack dab in the middle (25) in 2020 with a very small population change. HuffPo is leftist propaganda masquerading as journalism. Never mind that most of the poll respondents likely have not been outside of they coastal enclave. IL, NY, NJ, MN, OR and CA ahead of AL? I don’t think so. Most of these are hemorrhaging people.

    • Agree – I don’t dislike Kinsley, but I’ll take Gary talking about whatever important issue with Clay on the radio show over Kinsley talking about instagram thotties. Any day. Once in a while though it’s a nice change of pace…

  4. “Knock-off Mexican food…”? Have you actually eaten there? New Mexico has it’s own distinctive cuisine, and fine examples can be found in Santa Fe, That Place You Want To Make A Left Turn, and especially in Hatch. Good eats can indeed be found…

    Besides, shooting guns in the desert is fun!

  5. Buuuuuuuuuut.

    Malignant Democrat cancerous cells are slowly migrating and metastasizing in Alabama (more than half of all Alabama 2020-related moves were inbound; meaning, more inbound, than outbound, moves).

    So the same malignant Democrat cancerous cells maligning AL are clamoring to move there, as well as to other states that have been red trifecta (legislature and governor) for years. If you live in such a state (as I do), fight for your life to keep the malignant Democrat cancerous cells the minority in your state. Once they become the majority, the malignancy is irreversible—no exceptions, anywhere, ever.

  6. That must mean it’s probably pretty good.

    I’d just tell all the blue state parasites than any red state is pretty much boring and hell on earth. Keep em out of there.

  7. Leftists always make fun of Alabama & Mississippi, two states with very high percentages of poor, black people. Which, by their own standards, makes leftists & HuffPo racist.

    I grew up in northern NJ, and while I still visit often, the bluer it gets, the lower on the US state totem pole it gets. Between taxes, restrictive gun laws, urban crime, crooked politics & rampant wokeism, the state has become a cesspool. Covid restrictions and the collapse of NYC have only lessened its limited appeal.

  8. yes, Alabama is terrible. STAY AWAY!!

    Please do not come here to visit us, or for GOD’s SAKE, don’t contemplate moving here. And don’t come to Mississippi or Georgia or Tennessee either. You don’t have to wear a mask. You have freedom to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. Housing costs are low. People are nice and polite. We have the best college football in the WORLD!! Our state and local leaders are generally not woke-tards.

    I can see why anyone who reads Huffington Post would not like it here. I would encourage them to take the Huffpo advice and avoid the south by all means.

  9. I have heard that about New Mexico for sure. Feels like some states are viewed and graded on their worst places while others on their best. Minnesota has to be pretty low? I spent a couple of weeks working outside of Lafayette, Louisiana and that place is a shit hole. Much of that state has to be a shit hole. I can’t imagine NOLA not smelling like warmed over shit either. But how bad to have a state on the ocean but have no beaches? The people were good from my experiences. A good solid god fearing people from my experience if you could understand them that is.

  10. A few truths/facts about Alabama from someone born and raised there:
    1) While there is a state income tax, it’s one of the lowest percentages in the country.
    2) There are beaches, lakes, rivers, and mountains too ( the Blue Ridge mountains meet Huntsville). It also rarely sees snow/harsh conditions and has no desert. Humidity aside, the weather is great.
    3) Yes it is rural state, but the cost of living cannot be beaten. More simply, you can afford to live really well on a lower income. Beat that Cali.
    4) Alabama has the largest deposit of marble in the world running 32 miles long. Alabama white marble is considered “the finest in the world.” Even better than Italy’s.
    5) Huntsville, AL is the home of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Smart people with nice accents.
    As for Oklahoma, my dad is from there it’s biggest difference from AL is flat land. Which is a drag racer’s dream. Both have killer football and people with common sense. They rank #1 and #2 on my list.

  11. Lmfao I’ve lived in CA my whole life and while it’s probably not the worst, it’s definitely bottom ten, hence why people are leaving. In fact, statistics show if not for immigration, both legal and illegal, the overall population would have been on the downtrend for much longer than it has started to be even WITH that. Huff post is just total liberal trash and the fact that they hate Alabama so much has now moved Bama into my thought process of places I’m looking to move to get the hell out of CA.

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