American Offers Green Card To Iranian Woman Who Became A Star During USA Match

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Hey Iranian ladies, how badly do you want to experience some freedom?

Gamblin’ Michigan Man Joey Knish knows an opportunity to shoot his shot when he sees one and Tuesday it was time to test the waters with the Iranian woman who popped up during a crowd shot looking like she was about to face repression back home.

Knish did what any single (or soon-to-be divorced guys) would’ve done in the situation. He took a shot. He asked the Internet to find that woman to offer up a green card.

Who is the hot Iranian woman from the USA match?
Who is the hot Iranian woman from the USA match? Help the American, Joey Knish, who wants to give her a green card. / Twitter

Now, THIS is the Internet I grew up with.

The wokes ruined the internet when they went after Brent Musburger for getting boned up over Katherine Webb during the 2013 Alabama national championship game. It’s been downhill ever since. Uncle Brent was deemed “creepy” and pretty much canceled by the most miserable human beings on the planet.

Thanks to Knish, a little bit of that old-school Internet flare came right back as he asked for help giving away a green card to this woman.

It didn’t take long before the miserable human beings showed up to ruin Knish’s fun. First up is Kwabena who wanted to have some deep intellectual conversation while the likes of myself and Knish are thinking back to the days when people had fun on the Internet.

The woke feminists wanted to have their say on the matter. Of course they did.

NjaYam seems mad.

Crypto Dawg clearly wouldn’t have been a fan of Musburger like us men who love to eat meat, drink beer and fart on each other at the golf course.

And let’s finish with tolerant Mango. Knish just tried to offer up a green card and this pronoun gets all offended. That’s not tolerant, Mango.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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