Amazon Sent Woman A Sex Toy Instead Of A Desk, Her Husband’s Grandmother Was The One Who Opened The Package

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Amazon delivers an insane amount of packages on a daily basis. Every once in a while a package ends up being delivered to the wrong address. Or the wrong item is shipped. It happens, as much as the company would like to turn their employees into robots, the fact is they’re still human.

One Amazon customer received an all-time order mix up. Her husband ordered a desk for her to work from home and take classes. What was actually sent fit in the mailbox and had nothing to do with office furniture. She received a sex toy instead.

Amazon Sex Toy
Amazon sent a sex toy instead of a desk (Image Credit: Amanda Reed/TikTok)

Amanda Reed shared her story in a video that has 1.7 million views on TikTok. As bad as it was to not receive the desk, and end up with a sex toy she didn’t order, the fact that her husband’s grandmother opened the package made matters worse.

Reed explains that her husband called his 85-year-old grandmother after the package arrived to have her open it. They wanted to know what was delivered, because a desk couldn’t have fit in the mailbox.

“She reads an insert and it says ‘Mini massage erotica,’ and she says ‘Justin, I don’t think I can read any more of this,'” she explained. “I had to go pick it up to send pictures to Amazon. I have been dying.”

While explaining the situation she held up the sex toy that was delivered.

Talk About A Lose-Lose Situation

As much as it sucks to receive a sex toy instead of a desk, imagine being on the other end of that situation. The person who was looking forward to trying out their sex toy had to be incredibly disappointed.

That part of the situation wasn’t lost on the comment section. There were several who weighed in that pointed out who the real victim of the package mix up is.

“Some woman is staring at a desk right now saying ‘well this won’t work..,'” one said.

Another added, “I would be so upset if I ordered that and got a desk.”

In a follow-up video, Reed revealed that Amazon refunded their money, she bought a desk at Office Depot, and she kept the sex toy. Well, she said Amazon let them keep the toy and she ended up gifting it to a friend.

At least there was a happy ending for somebody.

Written by Sean Joseph

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