Amazon Delivery Driver Dives Into Customer’s Pool With His Clothes On

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An Amazon delivery driver in California took full advantage of a customer’s offer to cool off by taking a dip in his pool. He could have dipped a toe in the water or even stripped down to his underwear to enjoy the refreshing break.

This guy did neither. If he was going in, he was going in with all of his clothes on. That’s exactly what he did. He emptied his pockets and headed straight for the diving board.

Amazon Delivery Driver Dives Into Customer's Pool
Amazon delivery driver dives into customer’s pool (Image Credit: Memezar/TikTok)

At this point I expected a fully clothed cannonball or something, but was pleasantly surprised when this guy perfectly executed a headfirst dive into the water. We’re talking minimal splash and everything like a diving pro.

The homeowner caught the entire thing on his surveillance camera. In the video, the Amazon driver can be seen walking around the back of the house. As he makes his way to where he was likely asked to leave the package, he walks right next to a pool.

After he drops the package off at the backdoor, he starts eyeballing the pool. He finishes the delivery on his handheld device then empties his pockets on a nearby table. He takes one last look before going for it.

It turns out that the delivery driver was eyeballing the water because of a note left by the customer. The customer’s note read, “If you want to go for a swim, you are welcome to.”

The customer admitted in a clip shared on social media that he didn’t expect the delivery driver to actually take him up on the offer. He said, “I didn’t expect him to do it UNTIL I checked the security footage… Bro let his intrusive thoughts win.”


That JUMP into the pool was incredible 😂😂😂 #Memezar (Mario Fermin via ViralHog) *posted for entertainment purposes, do not try this*


This Amazon Delivery Driver Has No Problem Taking You Up On An Offer

This guy knows when you’re offered a dip in a pool you take the dip in the pool. Personally I would have kicked my shoes off before going in, but that might just be me.

He didn’t take anything else off so what’s a pair of soaking wet shoes on top of everything else?

This is why you follow those special instructions and take the extra time to deliver the package around back. The delivery driver that ignores that isn’t going to get the note to take the dip in the pool either.

They’re tossing packages from the street and walking around miserable. This Amazon delivery driver and his beautiful diving technique is having a much better time at work. And he’s a few extra degrees cooler.

Written by Sean Joseph

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