Amanda Taylor’s In Beach Shape, Kirkland Unleashes Seltzer & A Great NFL Schedule Breakdown

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The schedule is out and we get regular-season NFL action on January 9…you know what I’m looking for…

…that’s right, I’m looking for potential blizzard games where fans will battle the elements to watch games in bizarre elements. And it doesn’t get much better than Zach Wilson at Buffalo in Week 18 just trying to get to the finish line in his rookie season. My hope is that the Bills are playing for the AFC East title, there’s a foot of snow, and Zach’s knee hasn’t been blown out by this game.

And then there’s Bengals-Browns the same day. Are you kidding me, NFL schedule maker guy? This is incredible, but a quick look into Cleveland weather data tells me that January 9 most likely won’t be that crazy. The temp in Cleveland on Jan. 9 has been above freezing the last four years, and the city hasn’t seen more than three inches of snow on that date since 2009 when 3.2 inches fell. You have to go all the way back to 1982 for a Jan. 9 snowfall of more than 3.2 in. when 4.7 in. fell in northern Ohio.

No matter what, I’ll be on the basement couch in the command center keeping tabs on all the action around the NFL. Complaining about starters sitting will not be allowed. Fans traded a preseason week for a Week 18. Let’s make sure to embrace this change.

The other big news with the schedule change is that the Super Bowl moves back a week and is now on my birthday weekend. My whole life, I had to deal with my birthday on NBA All-Star weekend, and now my patience is being rewarded with my birthday (Feb. 12) followed by Super Bowl Sunday on the 13th. That sure has all the makings of a Vegas trip, if Clay doesn’t request my journalistic services in Los Angeles.

• Here in this part of Ohio, we finally made it to the final frost which happened this morning. The pool fired up yesterday, and now the plants can finally come out of the garage. It’s getting dark at like 9, and the temps will soon be racing into the 80s. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about another beautiful summer sucking down fresh air.

• In Rock and Roll HOF news, the Go-Gos got in on their first nomination while Iron Maiden didn’t make it this year. Think about that! How can you call it the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and then not induct Iron Maiden over the Go-Gos? I talked to a friend who recently made the trip to Cleveland to go through the museum, and he was completely underwhelmed. That’s coming from a guy who had some Beatles logo tatted on his body. Maybe it’s for the best that Iron Maiden didn’t get into the dumb HOF.

• And did you see Elon Musk has halted accepting Bitcoin for his cars? That was fast. I’m not a market expert, but I’m friends with a bunch of them on Facebook and they’re screaming market manipulation. I have to trust the FB experts here.

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