Amalia Joy Is The Craziest Airport Passenger Arrested In The Last 48 Hours

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Are you ready for an airport meltdown for the ages?

Meet Amalia Joy, the crazy lady who, according to Internet analysts, went nuts at John Wayne Airport over the weekend when sheriff’s deputies pulled up to have a word with her at a wine bar. Amalia, who, according to her website, dabbles in singing and songwriting on the side, proceeded to go into a full rage as cops decided she needed to take a trip to a detention facility.

With a fellow passenger rolling video, Amalia can be heard telling someone off-camera, “You can find me on .com, but I’m trying to switch to .love”

After a woman sitting at the bar tries to intervene to calm Amalia, who’s holding a glass of water, deputies determine it’s time and she needs to be taken down before an innocent bystander gets rocked upside the head with a glass.

“Kiss me, tell me I’m f–king hot,” she screamed at one of the deputies before spitting on him and trying to kick him in the balls. “Tell me I’m f–king sexy,” Amalia screams as the crowd at the wine bar gasps.


Just a random melt down, trippin’ day at John Wayne – she was going to be on our flight. Pr 2 is the show! #fyp #airportsecurity #meltdown

♬ Original sound – Beer30

“You’re gonna break my wedding ring and I’ve never been married,” Amalia continues as the cuffs are being applied.

Now, what in the hell is the story with you crazy people and airports and airplanes? Are you taking a bunch of drugs to make flying bearable? Is that the story here? Or are you just mentally fried to the point where you think it makes logical sense to blow some serious spit on a cop?

Amalia, based on my limited research into her YouTube account and her music, might have several screws loose.

She reminds me of some chick who would show up on an Aaron Rodgers ayahuasca trip to Costa Rica or wherever the cool people drink that stuff until they puke.

According to her YouTube biography:

Amalia Joy is a singer-songwriter with dual citizenship: Guatemala and USA.

She is a homeschooling mama of two, herbalist, upcycle designer/seamstress, fire dancer, living off-grid tucked away in an island jungle.

She delves into revolutionary, world folk rock, lending her voice and life to inner and outer transformation. Her album Fearless Prayer is a song-story of some of her journey.

In other words, as confirmed by the video, she’s nuts. No further evidence, your honor.


Melt down part 2. Check out that spit game #fyp #security #airportsecurity

♬ original sound – Beer30

Written by Joe Kinsey

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