Alyssa Milano Gets Rid Of Tesla To Protest Elon Musk, Buys a Volkswagen, Misses The Irony

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Actress Alyssa Milano is clearly not a history buff.

Milano, like so many in Hollywood, is very upset that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter. However, the former child star isn’t just sitting idly by, she’s going to do something about it.

She’s going to give back her Tesla.

Some would call this brave, others would say it’s a self-aggrandizing plea for attention when acting work isn’t exactly rolling in.

Either way, you can’t deny the unbelievable stroke of irony.

Milano was busy acting when she could’ve been learning about the broad strokes of World War II. Maybe her on set tutor forgot to cover that whole thing. Or maybe hanging around Tony Danza for hours on end made her a little dense.

But everyone knows the connection between Volkswagen and the Nazis.


Milano thought she was about to drain a three from half-court. Instead, she threw a brick from several feet in front of the foul line.

Just embarrassing from every conceivable angle.

Milano is the type that finds white supremacy everywhere she looks. There’s no doubt she knows about South Africa and Apartheid. If she wants to sell her Tesla because a South African dude runs the company, go for it.

It’s a bit of a stretch but if that makes her happy in that wacky brain of hers, so be it.

Of course, she can’t just get rid of her Tesla and go about her day. She has to hop online and announce it to the heavens.

Even more, ironically, she did it on Twitter, the platform owned by the guy she’s trying to stick it to.

Now, I wouldn’t have anything to write about had she purchased just about any other electric automobile on the market. If she said “I bought a Ford Mustang Mach-E,” no one would be talking about this because Alyssa Milano’s car preferences are of interest to no one.

Hell, her acting work is of interest to no one.

If you’re going to make a big production out of your “brave” act of altruism, you better make sure your Ts are crossed and your Is are dotted.

And, if you’re going to try to shoehorn your way into the Nobel Peace Prize picture by selling your car because of who made it, then make sure your new car’s manufacturer doesn’t have ties to the Nazis.

Otherwise, you end up looking as dumb as Alyssa Milano did here.

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