All Hell Breaks Loose At Tucson School When Dad Confronts Son’s Bully

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An Arizona man, who showed up at a Tucson school Tuesday to pick up his sons after a “disturbance” with another group of students, ended up in jail on a felony charge after starting a prison yard fight with bullies who were picking on one of his boys.

“If it’s going down, it’s going down here,” 40-year-old Willie Smith allegedly told school staff who advised him to take a rear exit to avoid a confrontation with the students. Willie not only didn’t take the easy way out of the school, he walked right through a courtyard during lunch.

And it was on.

A full-blown prison yard fight with multiple undercard bouts broke out as fists started flying in multiple directions. Video from the school shows Willie Smith tangling with one student while his homies throw fists into the father from multiple angles.

Tucson school fight video
Multiple fights broke out Tuesday at a Tucson high school after a father showed up to confront students who were bullying his sons / via Facebook

KOLD News 13 reports that one 15-year-old student was arrested for disorderly conduct and that at least 30 people were involved in the scrap. In one video, Smith can be seen wrapping his hand around the throat of a student.

Willie Smith, 40, was arrested on a felony charge for his part in a school fight Tuesday at a Tucson high school / via Tucson Police Department

The Tucson school district determined that students should go back to class after their little lunch time fight with a father.

“All students and staff are safe and the campus should return to its regular class schedule within the hour,” the district said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Tucson Police Department released a statement of its own.

“This incident occurred in a large area of the campus during a busy time of day (lunch hour). The initial information I have indicates that no weapons were brought onto campus by the suspect and no injuries or medical transports have been reported.

“We can confirm no TPD officers used any type of force that including pepper spray, if it was used it was not by our department.”

The students went back to class while Willie went down to central booking to smile for the camera. Apparently, it was mission accomplished for this dad who hit his snapping point.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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        • Did you watch the video?

          Father: hispanic
          Bully: hispanic
          Friends: hispanic

          I’m not refuting your point, genius, I’m just calling attention to the fact (real fact, not made-up fact as you offer above) that this video does not support your statement.

          • Fuck that no need for name calling and insinuating in a back handed fashion I am a bigot just because you don’t agree with my post I mean I didn’t tell you to go fuck yourself which I could have but I try to keep it civil so I will not tell you to go fuck yourself

        • Yup. I retract the “genius” — no need for name calling. However, this statement is absolutely bigoted — “Story after story blacks are to be avoided…”

          Painting all black people with the same brush because of the actions of those who adhere to specific cultural traits is bigoted. I think the problem is the urban culture, not the skin color.

          • The skin color of these combatants was black and brown, regardless of their ethnicity. Urban culture is made up of black and brown people. Next time you see a huge mob of White students throwing hands at school, be sure to post it. It will be my first look at suburban culture and it’s thuggishness.

  1. We need some back story here. How long had they been bullying his kid? How bad was it? If it was bad enough, and the school wasn’t doing anything to protect the kid, then this dad did his duty. If he was overreacting, then that’s pretty damn bad.

    • I get it but this is a lose-lose in the court of public opinion. Either teach your kid how to fight/stick up for himself or move him to another school (assuming the school admin did nothing after bringing it up).

      Fighting teenagers (no matter how satisfying it may be haha) is a hard thing to argue in front of a judge. If he took all measures to avoid it and got attacked that’s one thing but in all likelihood dude escalated the situation on emotion.

    • The charter schools in my town are FANTASTIC. The one my kids go to is ranked as one of the top schools in Fl. Charters created by Hillsdale College and based on Classical Education. Hillsdale probably had over 100 charter schools sponsored at this point around the country. Still a drop in the bucket but it’s a great model. Way better than public schools.

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