Alex Bregman’s Fiancee Reagan Howard Applies For SI Swimsuit Issue

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Alex Bregman’s fiancee Reagan Howard has had a Sports Illustrated swimsuit modeling dream since she was 15 and now Reagan is throwing her swimsuit into the ring and applying to live out her dream to be a Sports Illustrated model. Let’s be honest here, this can’t be about making a few dollars because Bregman’s under contract for $87,000,000 from 2021-2024 on top of the nearly $15M he’s made over his first four years in Major League Baseball.

Something tells me they’ll live comfortably after tying the knot, so this is 100% about Reagan doing something that’s on the bucket list and her dream was clearly spelled out during a Monday Instagram video.

Reagan wrote from the heart on Instagram:

My first job was as a busgirl. I’ve hosted financial literacy workshops in Panama, been a full time cold-caller, worked with gaming companies to migrate cloud workloads & become a machine learning enthusiast. I’ve had many jobs and each one has taught me something I needed to be where I’m at today. When I was 15, I saw @barrefaeli on the cover of Sports Illustrated and remember being so inspired and dreaming of that being me one day. @si_swimsuit is creating a space for women to break stereotypes and it’s a movement I couldn’t be more pumped about 👏🏼😝 I am SO EXCITED to say that this is my official SI Submission Video!

SI would be dumb not to bring Howard into the mix. Start her off slow with a bit role, send her out on the promotional tour with Gronk’s girlfriend Camille Kostek and drum up business. Learn the ropes and then when Kostek retires you move Howard into the fun athlete girlfriend/wife role. Don’t forget that Sports Illustrated has switched to a summer release date which would work perfectly with Bregman and Howard attending future all-star game festivities and promoting the magazine. This all makes too much sense. Get Howard on a tropical beach for a shoot.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I’m sure Bregman will find some way to cheat her into the issue.

    Doesn’t deserve? Oh I dunno. He’s marrying an Instagram model, for heaven sake. When she tolerates him for the length of his contract, then skates with half his take-home, after tax earnings, I’ll argue he might deserve that.

  2. She’s a beautiful girl, and I wish her well in her quest. However, “SI_swimsuit creating a space for women to break stereotypes”? Please. Women as heads of corporations, political positions of power and empowering young women in STEM, education, etc.? – absolutely. Women on the cover of predominantly mens magazines in bikinis? Not so much. (I’m a HUGE sports fan, no hate here for mens magazines.)

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