Albert Pujols Announces Divorce Days After Wife Undergoes Brain Surgery

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Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols and his wife of 22 years are divorcing. The announcement about the end of their marriage comes just days after Pujols’ wife, Deidre, had successful surgery to remove a brain tumor.

“I’ve been asked a lot of questions over the past few days regarding what’s been going on at home and sadly, after 22 years of marriage, I have made the decision to file for divorce from my wife, Deidre,” Pujols said in a statement released by his agent Mark Feinsand.

The timing of Pujols’ decision has been as well received as a ninth inning strikeout.

“I realize this is not the most opportune time with Opening Day approaching and other family events that have recently taken place. These situations are never easy and isn’t something that just happened overnight.”

Pujols, 42, re-signed with the Cardinals — the team on which he played from 2001-2011 and with which he won two World Series — on March 28th. Days later, he made his spring training debut and Deidre underwent brain surgery.

It’s since been reported that her surgery was a success, and she is expected to make a full recovery.

As Deidre recovers, Pujols moves on. He opted to stay with the team last week, rather than accompany Deidre through surgery, and now he’ll further distance himself from his estranged wife.

In his statement, he said he prayed for guidance and he reiterated that he and Deidre are most committed to their kids: “I am thankful for the five beautiful children that we brought into this world and remain committed to raising them in a loving and safe environment. I ask that you please respect our privacy and the privacy of our five children during this time.”

That’s a swing and a miss.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. good for him. For those who are going to talk about the “timing” or any nonsense like that, you obviously dont know the details (neither do I), but im sure everything wasn’t all happy days until she had the operation. She could of been a psycho and her under anesthesia was his only opportunity to bounce

  2. No wonder this country is in the shape it’s in. We can point to blame the government, and point to blame Hollywood, and point to blame schools, and blame every other freaking thing on earth, but if husbands don’t have the basic integrity to commit to their wives and children for life come sickness or health like THEY vowed, then it’s hard to go around demanding anyone else needs to have integrity at the end of the day either. If a man does nothing more in his life that remain faithful to his wife and love his kids he’s lived a successful life. Man up. The end.

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