Alabama Woman Arrested For Driving Her Car Into A Club After An Argument With Her Ex-Boyfriend

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There’s a new story to add to the long list of incidents involving crazy exes. This one goes beyond the basic nonstop calling or showing up at your work uninvited. This one involves significant property damage and injuries to innocent bystanders.

There are also multiple charges and a couple of trips to the hospital thrown in to round everything out. Just a typical early morning on a Wednesday in Mobile, Alabama. Well, typical might not be entirely accurate, but it did happen last week.

Hayley Hightower Alabama Woman
Hayley Hightower allegedly drove through the front door of a club (Image Credit: Mobile Jail via FOX 10)

The Mobile Police Department said it responded to a domestic dispute around 12:10 am on Wednesday morning. An argument in the parking lot between a woman and her ex-boyfriend had escalated after the man had walked into a pool hall called The Billiard Club.

Police say 34-year-old, Hayley Hightower, followed her ex-boyfriend into the club with her car. She is said to have driven right through the front door hitting two people near the entrance.

Neither of the victims were named, but it doesn’t sound like either of them were the ex-boyfriend. One victim was transported to the hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. The other had a minor injury that didn’t require a trip to the ER.

Hightower was also taken to the hospital for injuries she suffered during the incident. After receiving treatment she was then taken to jail.

According to jail records she was charged with several crimes ranging from assault to public intoxication.

Driving A Car Through The Front Door Of The Club Seemed Like Such A Good Idea

I’d love to know what the argument leading up to the car being driven through the front door was all about. Not that knowing would make driving your car through the front door of the club a justified response.

But, who knows? I’m open minded. She may have a completely rational reason for doing so. I may have the whole crazy-ex angle all wrong.

I doubt it, but it would be interesting to see what she considered worthy of such a response.

Written by Sean Joseph

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