Alabama Player Obliterates Ref In Brutal Fashion

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An Alabama player ran right over a ref during the team’s 34-24 Saturday night loss to Texas.

The Crimson Tide were upset at home by the Longhorns, and it was an absolutely devastating night to be a fan of Nick Saban’s squad.

Texas looked to be the better team for most of the game, and Alabama sits at 1-1 after just two games. However, there might have been one person in the stadium who had an even worse time than the Alabama Crimson Tide:

A ref.

Alabama was upset by Texas Saturday night. A Crimson Tide player accidentally destroyed a ref. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Alabama player runs over ref during loss to Texas.

An Alabama player was pushed into a ref during a punt, and absolutely crushed him. The hit was so brutal that the ref had to be checked out after the fact.

While it’s not entirely clear which Alabama player hit him, it was either Kendrick Law or Keanu Koht because the player was wearing 19. It appears to ahve been Law, but it’s hard to say for sure.

This was obviously an accident by the Alabama player.

Before anyone decides to freak out and claim this was on purpose or malicious, it most definitely wasn’t.

Special teams is the wild west on the field. Punts and kicks are when all hell tends to break loose. That’s what happened here.

The Alabama player was pushed by the Texas player, and unfortunately for the ref, he was in the way. That resulted in him getting lit up like a Christmas tree.

Texas rolled into Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

While running over the ref was certainly a tough look for Alabama, the Crimson Tide have plenty of other issues to worry about fixing. They were dominated at times by Texas and definitely didn’t look the part of being a top five team for large chunks of the game. The offense and defense played well below what fans have come to expect. It was a bad night to be Alabama and a very bad night to be that one ref. Hopefully, he’s just fine after getting his bell rung.

P.S.: Never forget when a cop guarding Nick Saban obliterated a Texas A&M fan. It’s an all-time college football classic.

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