Nick Saban’s Vague Comments On Whether Alabama Will Add QB Through Transfer Portal Leave Lots Of Room For Interpretation

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Nick Saban is in a position that he has not faced since 2016. Alabama does not have a clear-cut starting quarterback.

It was Jalen Hurts, then Tua Tagovailoa, then Mac Jones, then Bryce Young. Now, in 2023, it will be either Ty Simpson or Jalen Milroe — or neither!

There have been a lot of rumblings about what that position might look like come fall camp. Specifically, there have been reports that the Crimson Tide may have interest in Tyler Van Dyke.

Miami appeared to shut down those rumors on Thursday night, but the murmurs continue.

There is always time for players to come and go in the modern era of the transfer portal, and the Crimson Tide may be looking to add a signal-caller during the offseason. Saban alluded to that notion on Saturday evening.

Nick Saban and Alabama might add another quarterback.

Alabama played four quarterbacks during its spring game, with Simpson and Milroe as the two who are battling it out for the starting job. Although they each showed flashes of what they can do, neither was particularly impressive.

Now, at the end of the day, spring games don’t actually mean anything. They are the culmination of the spring practice period and coaches take the entire process into consideration before making a decision. They don’t just go off of one open scrimmage in a more game-like environment, though a big day at the spring game can certainly help a player’s positioning on the depth chart.

Thus, while Milroe and Simpson failed to put on a show, neither guy lost or won the job in the spring game. They are both in the mix to start for the Crimson Tide come Week 1.

However, their fall camp competition might look different than their spring camp competition, which was essentially a two-way battle. It might be a three-way battle come August.

Saban spoke to the media after Saturday’s scrimmage and was asked about the possibility of adding a quarterback through the transfer portal. He didn’t name names, but left the door wide open.

There are two ways to interpret Nick Saban’s comments.

  1. In the modern age of college football, programs are always looking to acquire the best talent possible, and the transfer portal is a big part of that process. Saban would never turn away an athlete that wanted to play for Alabama and could provide a boost to his respective position.
  2. Saban is looking, specifically, to add a quarterback through the transfer portal before fall camp.

Neither interpretation is wrong. Only Saban and his staff know what they plan to do internally.

With that being said, if Alabama wants to add a player through the portal, the clock is ticking. Players must enter the portal by April 30 and the spring semester wraps up in May. The Crimson Tide will want to get its new quarterback on campus as soon as possible from there.

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