Alabama Fan’s Jeep Destroyed By Bear While On Gatlinburg Honeymoon

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Blake and Katie Odgers got married Saturday outside Atlanta and, like tens of thousands of other married couples before them, eventually made their way north to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a cabin honeymoon. This honeymoon got off to an unusual start though. Blake was awakened Wednesday morning to his Jeep horn blaring, so he went to investigate, according to WVTM reporter Rich Karle.

Blake opened the driver’s side door only to find a HUGE surprise. There was a massive black bear roaring at him, wanting out of the 2014 Cherokee. Blake took off back to the cabin, the bear left the scene of the crime and that’s when the newlyweds got a look at what was left of their Jeep.

There was some interior damage.

Bear damage Gatlinburg
Blake Odgers/Facebook

It turns out, the bear somehow managed to lock itself inside the Jeep and flipped out trying to escape. In the process, it did some remodeling work on Blake’s ride. It’ll probably take a couple of weeks in the shop to fix a few things.

Let’s analyze this for a minute:

• How did that bear not break a window? That’s the real miracle here.

• That bear must’ve smelled something really good in there. Maybe a candy bar in Blake’s golf bag.

• It looks like it’s still driveable. If he can get it into gear, Blake should be fine.

• The golf clubs look fine. Smart bear not destroying the sticks when Blake and Katie are clearly looking to get a couple rounds in on Masters weekend.

• It appears the bear has a paw on the door to keep it open. Damn things are geniuses.

• Happy trails to the happy couple.

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Posted by Blake Odgers on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Written by Joe Kinsey

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