Alabama DB ‘Kool-Aid’ McKinstry Set To Cash In On NIL Deals

With new NIL laws going into effect nationwide, some big commercial sponsors are running through walls to sign high-profile NCAA athletes.

Alabama five-star defensive back Ga’Quincy “Kool-Aid” McKinstry is the latest athlete to stir it up with corporate America after he announced his partnership with Weight Watchers, a meal service company aimed at helping folks shed their love handles. McKinstry reportedly earned the unique nickname as a kid because, according to his grandma, he was always smiling just like the Kool-Aid man.

Courtesy of Kraft Foods

Weight Watchers company spokesman Hugh Mungus spoke highly of McKinstry in a press release:

“We just absolutely love Kool-Aid and everything he brings to the table. With his big smile and fantastic attitude, Kool-Aid is exactly what our customers are craving. Dieting can be a drag, and we think Kool-Aid will bring something extra to the Weight Watchers experience. As a recovering yo-yo dieter myself, I can tell you from experience that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to have a winner like Kool-Aid on your side, cheering you on. When the going gets tough, and all you want to do is quit, Kool-Aid will be there for you. That’s our promise to you, the Weight Watchers faithful.”

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Other organizations, big and small, are rumored to be taking an interest in McKinstry as well, including international furniture giant IKEA and religious advocacy group The Jim Jones Foundation.

According to McKinstry’s reps, however, the next deal will most likely be a joint venture opportunity between Smirnoff Vodka and popular cough syrup brand Robitussin. The two companies reportedly intend to release an organic hard seltzer called “Lean In” in Q2 2022 right before summer, and have publicly expressed some interest in the Birmingham native as a spokesman.

Dwayne Carter, managing broker for the beverage deal, said this of McKinstry: “We think Kool-Aid could give this new product some hometown flavor, and are excited to mix it up and see what happens.”

(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

This was all a joke, absolutely none of it is true, but if any such deals come to fruition, I would like my finder’s fee.

Cover photo from McKinstry’s Twitter profile.

Written by TK Sanders


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  1. Yeah, I fell for it… the Spokesman Hugh Mungus was a bit of a stretch, but in today’s over-politicized and over-commercialized society, I figured it was just another publicity stunt…

    My thoughts are of the Coach.

    If this was true, how much pressure would be on Saban to put this kid in the game – he’s never hit an SEC running back in a real game?? Would Nick buckle and put him in just for “publicity” and this kid’s “marketability?” I doubt Saban would, but as more and more of these “deals” come along, coaches will be MORE pressed to give them game-time. Alternately, when the coaches are inevitably INCLUDED in these deals, they will have incentive to get “sponsored kids” in the game. Then you have REAL talent sitting the sideline because the coach has a boat payment to make…

    Along with Saban, I don’t think Sweeny , Day, Kelly, Reiley or top coaches at notable schools will succumb to the marketing pressure (for the first few seasons, at least). If they become too pressed, they might find a better job with less pressure to advertise and more pressure to win – something they are comfortable doing. Other school’s coach’s, who find themselves 0-3 in their conference half-way through the season, might make different decisions. Are we going to see “Kool-aid,” “Honey Badger” or “Shotgun” involved in “Sportcenter Highlight” plays for no reason against a DII opponent or while facing-down a 30-point loss in the 4th quarter against an eventual Play-off team’s 3rd string?

    Definitely, YES!

    Naturally, NIL will explode in the NCAA’s face, but given that “Manhunter brought to you by Red Bull” is going to have MUCH better NIL chances at a perennial playoff school, we may see if the aforementioned coaches can ignore the Madison Avenue hype and recruit the high school talent.

    If not, The NCAA may get the “parity” it has so long craved.

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