Al Gore’s Disgusting Comparison and Hypocrisy: Tomi Lahren’s Final Thoughts

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Al Gore compared Climate Change to the mass shooting in Uvalde and Tomi Lahren has some Final Thoughts.

Yes, Al Gore really did just compare so-called “climate change deniers” to the Uvalde police who failed to stop a mass shooter that gunned down and slaughtered 21 children and school teachers.

There’s comparing apples to oranges and then there’s what you just heard which is so off-base, so tone-deaf, so utterly ridiculous I thought it was a parody when I first read the headline.

But this isn’t the first time the drama queen of climate has made an inappropriate comparison between weather and war and tragedy.

In his remarks at the World Economic Forum in 2020, Gore compared climate change to Thermopylae, Agincourt, The Battle of the Bulge, Dunkirk and 9/11. So dramatic. So stupid. So typical AL GORE!

It’s so easy for these disingenuous hacks who’ve made their money in politics to turn around and tell blue-collar Americans in blue-collar towns that their industries, livelihoods, and generational jobs should just cease to exist. Easy to say when you’re rich and don’t rely on these jobs to feed your family, AL!

It’s funny though, because I did a little research on Mr. Gore and discovered he has a mansion right outside of Nashville, TN that is over 10,000 square feet, and uses about 12 times as much energy as the average homes in the area.

I don’t know what’s more repulsive to discover, his hypocrisy or the fact that he lives in Nashville. Now there’s an inconvenient truth!

As a conservative, I want nothing more than to preserve our country, our clean air and our natural beauty which is probably why I find it so repugnant to watch all these Californians and big city liberals moving in and buying up land and developments in Tennessee, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and everywhere else the good lord blessed with FEW liberals to begin with!

But they pat themselves on the back for growing hobby gardens and driving around in $100,000 dollar Teslas right on up the driveway to their 10,000 square foot energy-sucking mansions that serve as second or third homes for these quacks.

Take your climate religion and pound sand. Those are my Final Thoughts.

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  1. No Al, you arrogant, stupid, worthless POS. People like YOU who advocate for the mass slaughter of the unborn are like the Uvalde police. No, worse. People like you are the SHOOTER, you hypocritical scum.

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