AJ Hawk Casually Reveals Jimmy Graham Was Hit By A Car While Cycling, Is Training To Sail Around The World

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Jimmy Graham hasn’t played in the NFL since the 2021 season, but during his time away from the field the tight end has picked up two other sports: sailing and cycling. The latter, of which, got him into a mess earlier in the week.

While Graham mentioned that he was in an accident to his 366,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday, it was Super Bowl champ AJ Hawk who shared the details of what exactly went down.

Hawk was in-studio for ‘The Pat McAfee Show‘ on Wednesday and very nonchalantly told listeners that Graham was hit by a car while cycling in Miami. Graham wasn’t just out for a casual ride, either, he’s in the middle of training to sail around the world.

“Jimmy Graham is actually training to sail around the world right now,” Hawk explained. “He was riding his bike down in Miami yesterday, the car turns left, hits him and he says he did more damage to the car than the car did to him.”

Hawk went on to explain that Graham suffered a significant cut to his calf that required some stitches as a result of the accident as well.

Graham shared an appreciation post to his Instagram story on Wednesday thanking everyone who has reached out to check in on him after the accident.


Based on a quick look at his Instagram, Graham has stayed incredibly busy without the NFL in his life. Not only is he riding 100 miles on his bike or picking up sailing, but he’s also flying helicopters and planes these days as well.

Written by Mark Harris

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