Airbnb Host Ordered To Pay Damages After Attacking A Guest & Claiming They Were A Sex Worker

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The Airbnb experience can be an interesting one for a variety of reasons. Most of them are no big deal. Things happen and you can normally work things out with the host or the company working on behalf of the host.

Simple things like a sink leak or a pool needing to be hit with chemicals can usually be taken care of with relatively limited hassle. But that doesn’t mean every interaction between the host and guest goes smoothly.

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You’re dealing with people after all. And some times those people aren’t the best when it comes to customer service. Model Jane Dillon unfortunately had an interaction with an Airbnb host in England that turned physical after the host claimed she was a sex worker and kicked her out of the home.

Dillon rented a spare room from holistic therapies practitioner Lyndsey McCabe back in January. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a red flag. And you’re correct. It’s a big red flag.

Things took a turn after a relatively normal initial encounter. Dillon arrived at the house, was asked what she did for work, and was shown the room without incident. She told McCabe that she was an actress and model and that she had a party business.

A little while later, after leaving the house for a bit, an upset McCabe returned and demanded that Dillon leave. She smacked the model and kicked her while telling her to leave.

“Get out of my house. Get hold of your stuff and get it all out of my house,” the Airbnb host said. “I know what you are, you are a sex worker.”

Airbnb Host Sex Worker
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It’s A Flip Of The Coin As To What Kind Of Host You’ll End Up With When You Use Airbnb

After being physically attacked, Dillon ran out to her car for cover. McCabe followed her outside and smashed Dillon’s windshield with a rock.

The police were called and McCabe was arrested for her outburst, which lasted about 15 minutes. During an appearance in court, McCabe was ordered to pay roughly $600 for the damage she caused and for “psychological and physical distress.”

On top of that, McCabe was given a 12-month community order. The order requires her to do 20 rehabilitation activity days and 150 hours of unpaid work.

If you’re looking for an Airbnb experience where you’re not attacked by a nutty host maybe stay clear of a any holistic therapies practitioners. Obviously, it won’t eliminate all of the possible issues, but it will reduce some.

Written by Sean Joseph

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