After Decade Out Of The League, T.O. Wants Another Shot

47-year-old retired wide receiver Terrell Owens wants another shot at the NFL. I want thicker hair, rock hard abs and a bigger bank account. Chances are, we’re both going to be left disappointed.

Appearing Wednesday on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Owens teased a comeback: “I can do what people never expect. I can still play. Who’s to say what I can & can’t do? You can’t speak for me. If anybody can do it, I can do it.”

Age, for one, likely says he can’t still do it. The oldest non-kicker to play in the NFL was John Nesser, who ended his career in 1921 at the age of 45. Owens turns 48 in December.

The last time we saw Owens on a football field, he was carving up high school and college players at Deion Sanders’ football camp. Eleven years removed from his last NFL reception, Owens seems confident he could do the same to NFL defenders. “There’s no doubt, 100 percent, that I can play in the National Football League today,” Owens told TMZ.

“I’m not washed up,” Owens added. “Once you know how to ride a bike, you know, you don’t forget how to ride that bike.”

In the unlikely event an NFL club signs Owens to their roster, they’ll be adding both age and speed to their receiving corps. “I’ve been on the track, and, honestly, I just ran probably like a week ago,” Owens commented to TMZ. “I was clocked at like a 4.4. Faster than I probably ever have in probably in a while.”

Despite his speed, 1,078 career receptions and close to 16,000 yards, a return to the NFL for Owens is about as likely as Tom Brady and Roger Goodell splitting a timeshare.



Written by Anthony Farris

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