After Blowing A Two Score Lead, Urban Meyer Calls Latest Loss ‘Devastating’

Cue the “Urban Meyer eats Papa Johns on a golf cart” memes. The Jags’ rookie coach is heartbroken and hungry for a win after Jacksonville’s last-second loss to Cincinnati on Thursday night. Meyer’s winless team let a 14-0 lead slip away, and they have now lost 19 straight games. The lack of success has Meyer “devastated.”

Meyer’s pizza party for one won’t include any coffee, because coffee’s for closers, and that’s a foreign term to the Jags.

“Just gotta finish. It’s collectively, it’s everybody,” Meyer said post game. “It’s not one side of the ball or anything like that. It’s just all of us finishing. We’re getting there. I’m not even going to say, ‘It’s going to take time’ or whatever. We’re right there, and you guys have seen it the last few weeks.”

Despite a few glimpses of promise and potential, Jacksonville has yet to taste victory, and that goose egg in the W column is clearly weighing on their first-year coach.

“It’s devastating — heartbreaking. Usually I’m not wrong about stuff like that, that I just see a good team in there. I see good guys, I see good hearts, I see guys that work,” Meyer assured the media.” And I told them I’m not wrong. I’m not wrong about that stuff. This team is going to win some games.”

Jacksonville’s first opportunity to prove Meyer right and win some games comes a week from Sunday, when they play host to Tennessee. “I’m not wrong about those guys in that room,” added Meyer. “They’re gonna keep swinging as hard as they possibly can.”

Better have the pizza ready, just in case they miss.


Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. It was disappointing but this team has to learn how to win. They improved, they took care of the ball in a tough road environment against a solid team, and we’re in the game start to finish. If I’m a Jags fan I’m
    Encouraged even though they lost. If they continue to play that well they’ll win several. I think the last half of the season they’ll look different than the team you have seen so far. TL is the real deal.

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