Adult Star Shells Out Thousands For A 24-Hour ‘Instant Boob Job’ Using Saltwater

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Kayla Kayden, who has appeared in Playboy and as many as 50 adult films since 2014 according to IMDB – classics like Baby Got Boobs and Bra Busters 8, revealed that she has shelled out some hard earned money for a 24-hour instant boob job.

The 34-year-old who calls Las Vegas home had a conventional boob job done when she was just 19. The procedure took her from her natural C-cup size to an E-cup. Kayla’s additions had a 13 year run, three years past their due date, before she had to have them removed in 2021.

Kayla Kayden Instant Boob Job
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Instead of having them swapped out for new ones, and maybe that’s not an option, Kayla returned to her natural size. Missing her larger breasts, but not wanting to go back under the knife, left her with very few options to return to a larger sized cup.

Kayla’s plastic surgeon had a recommendation for an “instant boob job” without going under the knife. The procedure involves injecting saline directly into your boobs.

According to Kayla, the saltwater injections worked and for an added bonus they feel more natural than implants. If having waterbeds on your chest is more natural.

“I told my plastic surgeon that I didn’t know if I want [implants] again, and he suggested getting saline (a mixture of salt and water) put in,” Kayla told

“He did the injection and it worked – I was shocked. They looked much bigger.”

“The injections take you from your normal size to three or five times your natural size,” she said. “With the implants, you can feel a ball inside your chest. But with the water, it’s like a waterbed – you don’t even notice it’s in there.”

Instant Boob Jobs Might Sound Like A Waste Of Money

Now before anyone looking for bigger boobs runs out to the local plastic surgeon and asks to have waterbeds put on their chest, there are a few downsides to the procedure.

The cost and the fact that you’re back to your normal size within 24-hours isn’t going to cut it long-term. But if you’ve got a few hundred to a few thousand extra dollars lying around that you just have to spend, why not give an instant boob job a try?

“It lasts like 12 hours and it reduces throughout the day,” Kayla said. “[That means] I can be my normal self and then when I want to look all glammed up, I put a wig on and do my boobs.”

The injections run $750 each and Kayla got 10 of them in 2022. That comes out to $7,500 for a 24-hour boob job. That doesn’t mean the experience is an entire waste.

You can do what Kayla did. She shelled out the money so that she could come to the realization that she wanted implants again. That’s right. All of that and she ended up getting a boob job anyway.

She said, “I loved how the insta boob looked so much, I decided to have my breasts done again. So I’m back to fake size D cups again.”

Kayla Kayden has no regrets. In fact, she recommends using the saline injections so you can figure out if you truly want implants or not.

I’m not a doctor, nor have I had breast implants or saltwater injections, but it sounds to me like one of these procedures could have been removed from the entire process.

Written by Sean Joseph

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