Adult Man Snags Ball Intended For Young Girl

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There are many, many examples of adults stealing baseballs from kids, but this one that happened at a recent Washington Nationals game is one of the more egregious.

A group of young girls was on hand to watch the Nats and were about to get the thrill of catching a ball from a Big Leaguer. Nationals first baseman and outfielder Joey Meneses lobbed a ball to the girls. One of them reached for the throw, but… she wasn’t quite quick enough.

Just as that poor girl was about to catch a ball from one of her heroes, in swoops the guy in the Juan Soto shirsey.

Credit where credit is due: faux Juan Soto has some quick feet. Guy came out of nowhere and in a blink of an eye, he was wandering back to his seat with a souvenir meant for a child.

That didn’t appear to be baseball’s greatest bleacher villain Zach Hample, but it fits his modus operandi.

Fortunately, the Nationals reached out to make things right.

So, everything worked out (for the most part).

It’s always a bad look to hop in front of a kid and take a ball, especially when a player threw it to them.

Now, a foul ball? Then it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves.

If you can chase it down it’s yours. Yeah, it’s always a good look to give it to a kid or the chick sitting behind you, but go ahead and keep that one if you want.

You’ve earned it.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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