Report: Adrian Wojnarowski Brags About Online Stats With Potential Sources, Badmouths Fellow Insider Shams Charania

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According to a report by Ethan Strauss, ESPN NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski hypes himself up as a man worth a million likes.

Woj has reportedly coordinated with his representation at CAA in sending out PowerPoints that show off his online engagement and insights to potential sources, shamelessly propping himself above the industry’s landscape of reporters.

The PowerPoints describe Wojnarowski as “the undisputed top NBA media talent in the business.” He also brags about his seven million followers across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

In the House of Strauss newsletter, Wojnarowski is accused of frequently badmouthing fellow NBA insider, Shams Charania, during his talks with NBA sources. Charania works as a reporter for The Athletic and frequently trades off with Wojnarowski on breaking exclusive news from the Association.

Wojnarowski’s bouts of egocentrism have shed light on his disreputable image among sports media, serving as his primary source for strained relationships, including Charania.

In one of Wojnarowski’s career lowlights, he published a story on ESPN reporting Jacob Blake’s shooting and its impact on the NBA season. Woj provided a false account of Blake as an “unarmed Black man” shot down by police — contrary to the fact that Blake was armed.

Wojnarowski’s wokeness was also called out after was set off by an innocuous email received by Republican Senator Josh Hawley — to whom Adrian responded with “F**k you.”

Former ESPN NBA reporter Amin Elhassan, upon departing from the network, characterized Woj as an opportunist who’s willingly ended the careers of Black reporters trying to make it in the business.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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