Admiral Giroir: COVID Most Likely Part of An Offensive Bioweapons Leak

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Former White House coronavirus testing czar Admiral Brett Giroir appeared on Fox News Thursday morning in what turned out to be a bombshell interview with Bill Hemmer.

While discussing the virus’ origin and Dr. Fauci’s public statements, Giroir confidently said that “it is not outrageous to hypothesize that [COVID-19] could have been part of an offensive bioweapons program and leaked out accidentally”:

The most likely explanation is that it was gain-of-function mutation work that leaked out.

The United States does not have an offensive biological weapons program. There are multiple open sources of intel that suggests that China has an extensive biological weapons program. One that is integrated between state laboratories, academia, and private industries.

The most likely explanation is that this was dangerous research that could have been funded by the NIH and it leaked out by a laboratory accident.

Wow. If that is true, few stories in history would compare to its magnitude.

Giroir went on to say Fauci’s recent comments are an attempt to “cover his ass” as his year-long claims that the virus originated from animals to humans was “completely false.”

“There was no pattern of mutations that suggest that it went right from an animal, in a natural situation, to human, ” Giroir tells Hemmer. “There’s still no evidence to show that. Fauci’s statement was completely wrong. It was obvious to be antagonistic to President Trump.”

Watch the full segment from America’s Newsroom below:

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    • They’ll just keep writing what the Democratic Party tells them to write, then go back and rewrite history as the Washington Post did this week to make it look like they haven’t been lying on behalf of the party the whole time

  1. If they’re willing to call it an offensive bio weapon why say it was an accidental leak? This is still protecting China for some reason. That’s like saying “We evidence that George is a serial killer, so it appears the most likely explanation is that he accidentally stabbed the person 100 times.”

    This is all a big conspiracy if you ask me and both sides are afraid to expose it. Both are implicated.

  2. We are at war. This is what war looks like in 2021. Pandemics, fear, social disruption, destroy confidence in authority, media propagandist are bought and paid for, just like politicians, disrupt food and fuel supply. Wake up America we are at war. America Matters

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