NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Denies Rumors Of Interest In Disney CEO Job

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Adam Silver is not leaving the NBA. Not right now, anyway.

Multiple reports have circulated lately putting the NBA commissioner on the shortlist to take over for Bob Iger as Disney’s CEO.

But according to a report by The Athletic this week, Silver isn’t interested in the move.

“I love my job at the NBA. I have no intention of going anywhere,” Silver said.

Adam Silver denies rumors of his interest in Disney CEO job
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Disney has been in relative turmoil of late, as former CEO Bob Chapek was ousted after just a few years at the helm.

Afterward, former CEO Iger took over. His previous tenure had been a mixture of parks-related success and a turn into far left, woke politics. Iger is set to retire at the end of 2024.

Other names thrown around for his potential replacement include DAZN Group chairman Kevin Mayer and co-leader of Disney Entertainment Dana Walden.

Adam Silver became NBA Commissioner in 2014.

Reportedly, Silver’s contract runs through the 2023-24 season. But it’s likely the NBA governors will give him a contract extension. If he wants it, that is. Silver’s predecessor, David Stern, held the position for a whopping 30 years.

And just because he doesn’t want the Disney job right now doesn’t mean he might not consider it in the future.

Silver already has close ties to Disney because of the NBA’s long-running relationship with Disney-owned ESPN.

The NBA is a vastly different business than film studios and theme parks. But many corporations simply value experience running large organizations over specific experience in the field.

The NBA is, at its core, an entertainment product. And similar to Disney’s recent experience, Silver’s NBA tenure has meant alienating a number of customers to appease the demands of progressive politics.

In that regard, he fits the culture pretty well.

Adam Silver denies rumors of his interest in Disney CEO job

But Disney is currently facing mass layoffs. Iger said Disney plans to slash 7,000 employees — with the first round coming this week.

Disney lost billions of dollars during the COVID-19 pandemic as it had to close its amusement parks and halt in-person film and TV productions. More recently, the company’s growth has slowed due to its investment in streaming services.

Disney’s services (Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+) have to compete in the market with superpowers like Apple, Netflix, Paramount and Amazon.

So maybe Silver’s lack of interest in the job has nothing to do with his love for the NBA.

Maybe he just doesn’t want to jump aboard a sinking ship.

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  1. Putting a guy who looks like an old Star Trek alien wouldn’t be a good move for an already unpopular company. Disney should look at just how convoluted the NBA has become. The product is awful and the league works to alienate their fans with a woke culture.

    On second thought, he’s perfect for Disney.

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