Pacman Jones Arrested, Calls Terrorist Threats Charge ‘Bullsh*t’

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Former NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones is in some serious trouble after a Monday morning arrest in Kentucky.

The former Bengals player was arrested early Monday morning at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport after an alleged incident on a plane where he was described as an “unruly passenger,” according to WCPO.

The former NFL standout has been charged with intoxication and terroristic threatening, Captain Kevin Klute informed the press.

It’s not known what specifically Jones allegedly did to get the handcuffs put on or what threats were made, according to WCPO. The expectation is he’ll be released at some point Monday.

Former NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones arrested at an airport. He’s been charged with intoxication and terroristic threatening. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Jones reacted after being released from jail and called the charges “bullsh*t,” claimed he absolutely wasn’t drunk and appeared to indicate the issue stemmed from a seating problem. He was definitely fired up about the allegations he was under the influence.

“Do I look intoxicated to you? I’ve only been locked up for two hours,” Jones told the media after being released.

He also told the media to “report the motherf*cking facts.”

Adam “Pacman” Jones arrested.

Prior to his arrest, Jones filmed himself walking through what looked like an airport as he talked about the Bengals starting the season with a loss.

The video might lead some to believe Jones was under the influence of something at the time it was filmed or was very tired. Again, he denies he was ever under the influence of anything.

Give it a watch below and decide for yourself.

Of all the days you don’t want to be in trouble on a plane, it’s September 11. People are already on edge and aren’t going to tolerate much. That’s just a fact. This remains a developing situation. Check back for any further information as we might have it. For now, it seems like Adam “Pacman” Jones is in a bit of trouble.

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