Adam Levine & Instagram Model Sumner Stroh Had An Alleged Affair That Turned Weird

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Pop singer Adam Levine is making headlines after it was revealed by an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh that the two had an affair.

Stroh published a TikTok Monday explaining how the affair happened and how Levine recently made contact with her to ask if he could use her name for a baby his wife, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo is expecting.

Why make these revelations?

Stroh says she got reckless with screenshots of texts and DMs Levine had sent her over the years and one of her supposed friends was trying to sell the texts to the highest bidder. In order to get in front of the story, the model who says she’s a University of Texas alum, went ahead and gave us a peak behind the curtain as to how this DM world works between celebrities and Instagram models.

Again, this is all *allegedly*.


embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect. #greenscreen

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Let’s go to the alleged affair texts from Adam Levine to Sumner Stroh (allegedly!):

A quick check reveals that Behati Prinsloo, 34, and Levine, who married in 2014, are 100% expecting a child. Now, asking an (alleged) Instagram slam piece to use her name for the upcoming birth of a child is rather odd, this is Hollywood and rock ‘n roll we’re dealing with here.

You see those tats that Adam’s working with.

Bad boys are gonna bad boy.

“Aware people are going to try to fill in the gaps with many false assumptions,” Stroh wrote on Instagram Story Monday. “I don’t feel like I’m doing any favors considering the manner this had to go about. It’s a lot to digest but hopefully, at the very least, the truth being out can do some good.”

And then Sumner dropped a new bikini thirst trap photo on IG Story.

Stay tuned. This one could be just heating up.

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