Adam Carolla: ‘Woke Mob’ Is No Laughing Matter

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Comedian Adam Carolla says no one is safe from the “woke mob.” Not even comedians.

“Professors and cops and politicians — they caved,” Carolla told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “Now, the fact that comedians have caved meant they got to everyone. If comedians are scared, then everyone is scared because they were really our last hope. They are the last sort of truth tellers in society.”

Carolla said he discovered this by putting his ear to the ground. He says he “heard something ominous coming my way. And it was this woke bull crap. And I knew it.”

Previously, comedians were safe from the angry mobs of PC police on social media. Jokes are, after all, often intended to shock the audience.

“My feeling is that if, as a comedian, I can’t speak my mind or I’m scared what people will think I’m going to say or I start governing or editing myself, then I shouldn’t be a comedian anymore,” Carolla said. “I should go back to swinging a hammer.”

Nowadays, Carlson said, comedians appear too wimpy to speak their minds.

“What’s definitely not funny is watching people slavishly suck up to politicians,” Carlson said. “That’s not comedy, but embarrassing.”

Of course, not all comedians have been scared jokeless. Even New York governor and alleged creep Andrew Cuomo was recent fodder for Chelsea Handler, as exemplified by a clip Carlson played during the Carolla interview.

As Fox relayed, Handler “discussed the ‘strong and deep sexual feelings I have developed for Andrew Cuomo.’ Handler then described the New York Democratic governor as a ‘big Italian gorilla’ before launching into an expletive-laden description of the pair potentially getting together.”

Rejoice, normal people, because even the woke mob would approve of jokes like that.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. Most mainstream ‘comedy’ anymore is just trashing the not Democrats.

    George Carlin had quite a few bits that were almost prophetic about the insanity we are in now.

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