Actress Susan Sarandon Mocks Police After NYPD Funeral

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As if her career weren’t already in the tank, actress Susan Sarandon flushed any remaining shit roles down the toilet when she mocked the New York City Police Department just hours after they joined a funeral for one of their fallen brothers.

On Tuesday, Sarandon posted a screenshot showing police gathered along the streets of New York for the funeral of a slain officer. She captioned the photo with: “So, if all these cops weren’t needed for CRIME that day, doesn’t that mean they aren’t needed any day?”

Hopefully someone reminds Sarandon that security isn’t necessary the next time she steps on set for a movie, that will no doubt go straight to streaming. Nor should she call the police if someone ever breaks into her home or car. The old bag seems eager to handle things her own way.

The only logical reason to post something so asinine is if she were in the midst of method acting for the role of a liberal, has-been actress readying herself for career suicide.

As we all could have predicted, Sarandon’s post was met with near universal disgust.

“Congratulations, Susan Sarandon! You’re now the poster child of an angry, woke, liberal, pro-criminal, anti-law and order jerk. There are other more fitting titles, but it only gets more vulgar from here,” tweeted Lee Zeldin, a New York Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Angel L Maysonet, a retired NYC detective, also tweeted her disgust: “There are 35K #NYPD cops in NYC. This is 3 hours. Many off duty, other agencies, representing over 850K sworn LEOs in this country. Shame on you @SusanSarandon 2 young Dominican cops were killed & you spread anti police rhetoric. You’re a disgusting person.”

Sorry, Susan, even a bidet can’t clean this mess.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Sarandon always had nice tits (probably, saggy as hell now) but what an asshole. Elitist c**t just like Bette Midler. Washed up and can’t stand the fact they are post menopausal and nobody gives a fuck about them.

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