Activists Have Turned On Aaron Rodgers’ Fiancée For Attending The Kentucky Derby

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Aaron Rodgers’ woke fiancée Shailene Woodley is being dragged by the woke police who are furious with her for attending the Kentucky Derby, a woke activist’s worst nightmare event that has been on a target of the PETA crowd for decades. Woodley, who was once arrested while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and bragged to Marie Claire UK that authorities “were looking for drugs in my ass” when she was taken in, spent Saturday living it up with Rodgers and friends in their Derby attire living the high-society life.

It left a bad taste in the mouth of the environmental wokes who looked at Shailene as one of them. Now they’re furious. The actress, who has a 10 Best Activist Moments page on Teen Vogue, is risking serious street cred now that she’s joining jock culture and hobnobbing with the enemies.

And smiling while at the Derby. SHE’S ENJOYING IT! LOOK AT THE PHOTOS. 

I can not reconcile @shailenewoodley being willing to go to a derby where they abuse animals and kill them if they break the wrong bone,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Like. Is she the chick who didn’t have a house, couch surfed and made her own soap to avoid damage to the earth?”

Woodley, who was once nominated for a Shorty Award in the ‘Activisim’ category, clearly has some explaining to do to her fans. It’s not just the wokes who would like to have a word with the actress. Packers fans are equally furious with this woman. They’re now calling her the Yoko Ono of the Packers because they believe she is responsible for the break up between Rodgers and Green Bay after 16 seasons.

Do you have any idea how rare it is to be a woke and have the wokes and an NFL fanbase hounding you at the same time? These are some uncharted waters.

2016: Woodley arrested for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline:

Shailene Woodley mugshot


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  1. She is a twit, always has been.
    Her claim to fame is a shitty Insurgent series and a Lifetime movie about a couple who almost die on a sailboat, lol. Her “boyfriend” drowns and she survives. Go figure?!

  2. I hope the Packers trade Rodgers to the Raiders. This “actress” will love Las Vegas and Rodgers will never sniff the playoffs again. I don’t want this “actress” anywhere near Lambeau Field as a Packers fan.

    These two deserve each other.

  3. Rogers is a jerkoff. He’s into the Hollywood scene man. Lots of groovy chicks and dudes there man. Woodley is not very attractive at all and on top of that, your typical entitled LA hypocrite asshole.

  4. People who think horses are “abused” in the Kentucky Derby and other similar events are obviously the most mis-informed folks on the entire planet.

    These horses have better lives than lots of people. They are pampered, massaged, their diets are micro-managed, their health is obsessed over, they literally get treated by equine physical therapists and equine chiropractors, they are warm in the winter and cooled in the summer. They are treated EXACTLY like the elite athletes that they are. I can assure you that no horse owner wants his/her horse destroyed. In fact, even horses with severe injuries are no longer put down, they just simply can’t race or compete any longer.

    If you want to be a vegan, that’s cool, good for you. If you want to help kids in inner cities, go for it. You want to join the Peace Corps and dig wells in Africa? Outstanding, the world needs more folks willing to help others.

    But protesting a group of people that LOVE horses and spend almost every waking minute taking care of them? Sorry, you just look like an idiot.

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