ACLU Expresses Worry Elon Musk Will Let Twitter Users Think Differently Than They Do

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Suddenly, the ACLU is seemingly really worried about more free speech — not to mention the idea of rich people owning companies.

That’s the takeaway from the organization’s statement after it was revealed Tesla king Elon Musk struck a deal for a Twitter takeover.

Yet at the same time, the ACLU offered praise to Musk. Just not the idea of his right to buy and owning whatever he wants. Or in this case, his right to negotiate a deal with Twitter. And let us not forget, Twitter had to agree to the sale, too.

But none of that matters to the ACLU, based on its reaction to the news.

“While Elon Musk is an ACLU card-carrying member and one of our most significant supporters, there’s a lot of danger having so much power in the hands of any one individual,” ACLU executive director Anthony D. Romero said in a statement. “In today’s world, a small handful of private tech companies — including Twitter — play a profound and unique role in enabling our right to express ourselves online. Social media is a critical tool used to share ideas, express opinions, and consume information that has real-life impacts in discourse in the offline world.

“We should be worried about any powerful central actor, whether it’s a government or any wealthy individual — even if it’s an ACLU member — having so much control over the boundaries of our political speech online.”

Interestingly, the Romero and the ACLU had no such issue when Jack Dorsey was in charge. And as Romero admitted, Musk has been a fervent supporter of the organization.

So why the worry?

Well, it’s likely because Musk has promised some changes to Twitter, and it starts with freedom of speech. As we relayed earlier, he even said he wants his own critics to keep coming after him. After all, that’s what free speech is all about.

Granted, there are things that should not be said, hurtful, offensive things that reveal people as being close-minded. But the issue so many have had with Twitter is that its users were often banned or victimized by the “mob” for having a reasoned view of their own.

No one is in favor of hate speech. But just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make you hateful.

Musk intends to change that narrative when it comes to Twitter. And apparently, that idea has some people shaking in their boots, or even coming off the rails.

Those groups don’t want anything but for everyone to push their own mission. Maybe that’s what has the ACLU feeling so concerned. Bottom line: Musk intends to change the way Twitter operates, and those who have run amok on Twitter are terrified what it means.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. Once upon a time, the ACLU went to court to fight for Nazi’s rights to march in Skokie, Illinois, in full uniform, because anything less would violate the First Amendment. The ACLU won. Now they clutch their pearls over the thought of someone, anyone, being able to post whatever they want on Twitter. Because it might be dangerous. If fucking bananaland.

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