‘Absolute Trash’: Former Colt Jeff Saturday Lays Into Indy

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I’m not sure when trash pickup is in Jeff Saturday’s neighborhood, but the garbage men will have their hands full this week. Saturday kicked his former team, Indianapolis, to the curb on Tuesday morning, calling their Sunday performance against Jacksonville “absolute trash.”

“Fourteen-point favorites. Go down to Jacksonville to punch our ticket into the playoffs and absolutely lay an egg,” Saturday groaned during an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up.

Saturday was referring to Indy’s 26-11 loss to the league’s worst team, Jacksonville, on Sunday. Had Indianapolis won, they’d have been in the playoffs. Instead, they’ll be postseason spectators.

Had Saturday’s better half not been around when he was watching Indianapolis’ putrid performance, he’d likely have some extra debris to carry to the curb.

“My wife, she had to step in front of the TV…I almost snatched that thing up,” Saturday told his Get Up co-hosts.

Saturday, 46, is a former center who spent 13 years with the Colts and clearly still lives and (almost) dies with the team’s performance.

“I had to walk outside,” added Saturday. “I don’t even have high blood pressure, and I was looking for high blood pressure pills. I was that pissed off watching that game.”

For the sake of his health, let’s hope Saturday doesn’t recycle. Because he won’t want to see that trash from Sunday ever again.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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  1. A bit surprising !! Jeff Saturday is one of the rare “former NFLers” who transitioned into “a real life”. Yes, he makes $$$ being an NFL media analyst but has other priorities in his life beyond “games”.

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