Aaron Rodgers Also Owns ‘Woke PC’ Losers

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It’s rare to see an athlete who speaks freely and honestly. Most professional athletes are either a) robotic, like Tom Brady, or b) corporate shills, like LeBron James. Aaron Rodgers is the exception.

Each Tuesday, Rodgers joins SiriusXM with AJ Hawk and Pat McAfee to put his feet up on the desk and say what’s really on his mind. Rodgers talks not like a QB, but a guy coming home after a long day at work. Rodgers is cocky, vulnerable, and authentic. This week, he addressed trolling Bears fans, reminding the group that he “owns them.”

Triggered media members debated whether Rodgers’ comments toward the fans were “fair or foul,” and Rodgers laid into them:

“There’s a PC, woke culture that exists,” Rodger said. “And there’s a cancel culture at the same time and it’s based on people’s own feelings of maybe personal miserability or distaste for their own situations or life or just the enjoyment of holding other people down underneath their thumb.”

Their “distaste for their own situations or life”? No wonder NFL media so quickly replaced Rodgers with Patrick Mahomes as the face of the NFL, even though Rodgers outplayed Mahomes the past calendar year. Mahomes does what the press demands, but Rodgers calls them out.

By the way, Rodgers does own Bears fans. He’s 22-5 against their team. That’s ownership.

Rodgers plays the media like a politician. Rodgers knows football writers will amplify everything he says, from his reactions on the field to his post-game pressers. So Rodgers often leaves football writers closely dissecting his every word. Then after media pundits spend a week debating Rodgers’ comments, he fires back by accurately labeling them “low-class.”

It’s great to see someone dismantle three loathsome groups at one time: the media, the woke, and Bears fans.

Aaron Rodgers’ effortless pushback also further proves how easily sane Americans can exterminate gross, cancel culture termites. As Netflix showed after backing Dave Chappelle, all you have to do is say “no” and refuse to apologize, which is what Rodgers does as well.

It takes balls not to obey the demands of strangers. Unfortunately, most athletes will continue to speak out of fear.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. I’m not sure I’d pencil him in for an OUTKICK subscription just yet.

    Rogers has an on again, off again relationship with the SJW brigade and he hardly takes any significant stances that would place him in hot water with the Twitter mafia

  2. Why do I have a feeling once Rodgers, Brady & Roethlisberger, the old guard of QB’s, retire, interest in the NFL will start to take a dive. Unless some players start taking Rodgers’ lead and pushing back against Goodell’s new woke garbage, interest will wane. Much like what happened in the NBA, fans will wake up and begin to say “I don’t like these players”. Don’t be fooled by recent ratings spikes…certain QB’s in TB and GB were involved in most of them. And it matters not the race of those who can lead the charge…fans will get behind them, whether their name is Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson or Dak Prescott. The new “woke” NFL better start grooming some players who tell Goodell to shove it.

  3. Reading the mainstream media’s (yahoo, vulture, NY Times, etc) articles about this Dave Chappelle special is just straight up sickening. They all have no shame labeling Chappelle “transphobic” with most not even bothering to add “allegedly.” One author even claimed the special was a direct act of violence towards transgender people. How does that even make sense? Words are not violence, and even if they were, nobody was forced to watch.

    Other authors are trying to shoehorn him into unrelated articles about Netflix’s quarterly earnings. They’re saying that the special hasn’t hurt their earnings “yet” as if it’s only a matter time, completely ignoring the fact that his specials have been immensely popular and received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

    Worse yet, they completely ignore all the shows Netflix has put out that explicitly peddle gay and transgender propaganda (Sex Education for example). They don’t care that Netflix is hosting far more leftwing views than rightwing views; they still demand anything even remotely right-leaning be destroyed. One thing is clear: the Democrat elite controlling the media do not truly care about equity, equality, fairness, diversity, or justice. They only care about power, and they’ll say anything they can to get it.

  4. No wonder NFL media so quickly replaced Rodgers with Patrick Mahomes as the face of the NFL, despite Rodgers outplaying Mahomes over the past calendar year. Mahomes does what the press demands.

    Actually the media jumped on the Mahomes bandwagon because he went to BACK to BACK SUPER BOWLS you dumb fuck. Stop trying to be the Rush Limbaugh/McNabb to Mahomes. And again, stop trying to culturally appropriate Aaron Rodgers, Believe me, he’s not talking that big boy MAGA bullshit on the football field. They would peel his cap. That MAGA Outkick shit don’t work in real life

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