Aaron Rodgers’ Favorite Show Being ‘The Office’ Makes Him Just Like The Rest Of Us

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Aaron Rodgers apparently has great taste in television because he loves “The Office.”

The hit series about a fictional paper company hasn’t been on TV for a decade, but its staying power is absolutely incredible.

Fans got to watch the crew get into shenanigans one last time in May 2013, but the hit series is still streamed around the clock. A recent ESPN profile revealed its the New York Jets QB’s favorite TV show, and there even a specific line from the finale that has stuck with him for years.

Aaron Rodgers loves “The Office.” (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

In the final episode of “The Office,” Andy Bernard tells the camera, “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.”

Rodgers apparently thinks about that line a lot because it resonates with him. The future hall of famer told ESPN, “There’s a lot of wisdom to that, enjoying how special this moment is today and this journey. I’m going to soak it up.”

Aaron Rodgers loves “The Office.”

The fact Aaron Rodgers loves the classic NBC show is a sign that deep down, he might just be a regular dude.

At the very least, it proves he has a little bit of a bro attitude in his soul. The former Packers quarterback is considered by some to be a shade combative at times and perhaps not the easiest to work with.

The Packers even claimed the team couldn’t get in contact with Rodgers at times prior to him being traded. Whether it’s fair or not, Rodgers often takes a lot of criticism.

However, the fact he loves “The Office” is a sign that there’s at least one part of his personality the rest of the country can vibe with.

Why is the show still such a hit?

“The Office” is the ultimate dude show. I don’t say that because of gender. “Dude” in this context is more about an attitude and spirit. There are plenty of female “Office” fans who can also get down with everyone else.

There’s nothing better than popping a few beers on a casual Thursday night, eating some pizza and burning through some episodes of watching Michael Scott cause complete chaos. You start watching at 6:00 p.m., and the next thing you know it’s midnight, you’ve put two seasons and nine beers in the books. It’s a story as old as time.

The reason why people love “The Office” is really simple. It’s a show about great friends that is downright hilarious. There’s been chatter about whether or not it could be made today. I’m not going to go down that path here.

What I know for sure is “The Office” was feel-good television at its finest and it was never afraid to be funny. That’s a lost art these days for the most part. Now, comedy is so neutered it’s been largely destroyed.

The fact Aaron Rodgers loves the hit series from that aspect isn’t surprising. He routinely bucks the PC crowd and couldn’t care less.

What’s your favorite “Office” episode? Let us know in the comments below. It might be time for another binge!

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