Aaron Rodgers Signs Pregnant Woman’s Belly During Celebrity Golf Tournament

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Aaron Rodgers crossed another first off his list after putting in 18 seasons in the NFL. This week during the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, he signed a pregnant woman’s belly.

That’s right, while everyone was rightfully focused on the Jets being selected for HBO’s Hard Knocks this season – and their new quarterback’s reaction to that announcement – Rodgers was trying to enjoy himself before reporting for what will be a spectacle. He was golfing and interacting with fans.

Rodgers’ first signature on a pregnant belly came during one of those fan interactions. And while he might not be looking forward to the Hard Knocks cameras, he didn’t seem to mind the one rolling to capture his off the field first.

Aaron Rodgers signs pregnant woman's belly American Century Championship
Aaron Rodgers signs pregnant woman’s belly (Image Credit: SNFonNBC/Twitter)

As the Jets quarterback is making his way over to grab the sharpie, and sign the woman’s belly, he can be seen shaking his head with a smile on his face. After signing the belly he asks the bikini-clad mom to be when she’s due.

The woman responds that she’s due on December 2nd. Before walking away Rodgers notices that there’s another signature the pregnant woman has already collected on her belly.

It turns out to be the signature of a former rival of Rodgers’, Hall of Fame Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher. He nods as he signs a frisbee for a little girls and says of the pregnant belly, “This is the first one of those I’ve ever signed.”

It’s A Season Of Firsts For Aaron Rodgers

Look at how quickly life comes at you. One offseason you decide to do some Ayahuasca and before you know it you’re following your predecessor’s career path.

Not only have you gone from the Packers to the Jets, but now Hard Knocks is being forced upon you. You’ve got to get ready to play for a new team for the first time in your career with a camera crew in your face. You’ll have to keep your 9/11 conspiracies to yourself.

But before any of that happens there’s a pregnant belly waiting to be signed on a golf course. What a ride and the season isn’t even here yet.

Written by Sean Joseph

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