Aaron Rodgers Plans To Play For Packers This Season

There’s nothing worse than logging onto Twitter to see drama about to end.

This time, Ian Rapoport has ruined the mood by informing us that Aaron Rodgers plans to play for the Packers this season, at least according to those closest to him:

As fun as it was to envision Rodgers in a different uniform — we Lions fans actually rather hoped he’d retire — it seemed clear over the weekend that Rodgers intended to play in Green Bay one more season.

That means “last.” As in another season. One more. Then he’s out. Gone. Off hopefully to somewhere exciting. 

There are two takeaways from Rapoport’s report.

First, write down the names of the NFL “insiders” and “reporters” who said Rodgers wouldn’t play in Green Bay ever again. They were wrong.

Second, the Packers’ Super Bowl odds will skyrocket the moment Rodgers announces he’s back. Head over to FanDuel Sportsbook before they adjust. Actually, wait a few minutes while I get my bet in first. 

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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