Aaron Rodgers Puts His Man Bun On The Line In Bet With Charles Barkley

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Aaron Rodgers may have to say goodbye to his man bun if his golf game isn’t in order.

During June’s ‘The Match’ when Tom Brady and Rodgers beat Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, the Green Bay QB made a bet with Charles Barkley involving his luscious locks and the American Century Championship.

If – and it’s a very big if – Barkley were able to beat Rodgers during the celebrity tournament then he would get to cut the QB’s man bun off. If Rodgers gets the best of Barkley, then the NBA legend has to donate $25,000 to Rodgers’ charity of choice.

The bet isn’t as random as it sounds seeing as how Barkley has clowned Rodgers’ hairstyle on a number of different occasions.

“Man, here’s $25. Go down to Fantastic Sam’s and get that thing cut off the back of your head,” Barkley told Rodgers during ‘The Match.’

“Just because you don’t cut your hair, that’s not a style. But Aaron’s a much better golfer than me, but I’ll be happy to give a donation to his charity.”

While Barkley has gotten better at golf over the past couple of years, his game still needs a lot of work.

Heading into the final round of the American Century Championship on Sunday, Rodgers and his man bun have a comfortable lead. The tournament isn’t your traditional event from a scoring standpoint, it’s a stableford tournament.

Barkley begins Sunday in a tie for 72nd place with -18 points while Rodgers sits T-15 alongside John Smoltz with 26 points.

Chuck will need to play the round of his life and hope Rodgers forgets how to play golf on Sunday if he wants to give the QB a haircut.

Written by Mark Harris

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